Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Five Simple Ways To Cut Out Unnecessary Drama From Your Life

Life is full of drama, and dramatic people are hardly ever in short supply. At first they seem like a lot of fun; but after a while, keeping up with them becomes a lot of work, and the drama they bring into your life becomes unpalatable to say the least. 

You're probably at that point where you feel you should be focusing on better things because 
  1. you're getting older, and 
  2. you need to start investing in your future. 
You sure won't achieve much if you continue to hang around people who make mountains out of the smallest issues, and stretch every offence till it reaches the sky. Need to live a life that focuses more on futuristic goals than dramatic events that mean absolutely nothing in the long run? 

Here are five simple tips that have worked for me, and I don't hesitate to use them once I spot drama.

#1 Break up with drama: Before you can successfully remove unnecessarily dramatic people from your life, you first need to understand why you are attracted to such people in the first place. Do you have a hidden desire to create issues out of thin air? Do you feel like you have better chances of being admired if you're around dramatic people? Well, break up with those thoughts now. There are enough valid issues in the world you could dedicate your energy to, and you are amazing just as you are.
#2 Limit time spent with and on drama: So a friend says another friend has gained some weight and it becomes a full blown fight where secrets are leaked, and suddenly you all are listening to whose man hits her and whose man is dead broke? That is your cue to leave! Yes it is the most interesting part but you certainly don't want to be caught in the drama that will ensue after with the theme "he said, then she said". Get up and leave. Your time is worth a whole lot more. 

#3 Make friends with futuristic people: The best way to cut drama out of your life is to replace the dramatic people in your life with people who have better things to think and talk about. Make friends and spend more of your leisure time with people who discuss ideas and growth, people who motivate you to do the things you fear the most, people who inspire you to win at this journey called life.

#4 Saturate your days with stuff that's important to you: Want to increase your knowledge? Work on a project? Build a brand? Now is the time to do it. The more time you spend on stuff that's truly important, the less time you will have to discuss why someone said your complexion is changing. You'll actually lose your affinity for unnecessary things.

#5 Don't be afraid to stand alone: sometimes the reason people get stuck in unnecessary drama is because they are too scared to leave their circles and stand alone. No one wants to be without friends so it is understandable; but I can tell you now that if you decide to step out of the drama and stand alone, it is only a matter of time before the right kind of people you need to help you win at life begin to stand with you.


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