Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Take Responsibility, The World Isn't Against You

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One of the hardest things to do is taking responsibility for one's action(s). The world will be a better place if we shine the light upon ourselves and we accept our mistakes while looking to make amends.It just always looks like it is a better option to find someone or something  to blame other than ourselves. As a legal practitioner, I sometimes question the basis of some cases in the court other than the need to blame someone else for a mess created by us.

I went to pick my child up at the day care some time ago and was told she was scathed by hot water ‘accidentally’. I was really furious and couldn’t understand how her care givers would have allowed such mishap. I was even more irritated when one of the care givers mentioned that she was such an active toddler and that she moves around so fast. I couldn’t believe she would blame the child’s activeness rather than acknowledge that she might have been careless.

Relationships are pretty much same way. Many times people complain about how bad their partners treat them. An obsessive person might complain of lack of attention while someone with no standards at all might complain of being treated unfairly. Many people in awful relationships see the signs but still stick to their partners preferring to blame the society or the other woman.  

I read sometime ago that Neyo, the R&B singer, was getting married. He had a girlfriend then, that was the mother of his two children and it was the assumption that they would get married. It was surprising to find out that he was getting married to another person entirely. Of course the former girlfriend was hurt, and it might be safe to say she had every right to be because in the course of their relationship, Neyo had ‘made’ her burn her tubes which meant that she wouldn’t be able to conceive anymore.

She was the toast of many tabloids and she shared details of what her relationship with the R&B star was. She talked about how she did everything to satisfy him including granting some of his weird sexual fantasies which included inviting someone else to join them in bed during sex. She lamented how she did and tolerated all he did just so she could make him happy.

Typically, she refused to acknowledge that she possibly set herself up to become a victim of his betrayal. He wasn’t married to her but she felt comfortable having his babies and tying her womb for him. She even allowed him keep other women in the course of their relationship. She already lost the right to be mad about the things she made room for.

Of course,people hurt us sometimes but before we start to look for who to blame, we ought to look at the man in the mirror first. There are times the problem lies with you and what you really ought to do is step up and be an ‘adult’ about things. Take responsibility and make amends.
The world isn’t against you, you should check yourself sometimes.

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