Wednesday, July 27, 2016

You Don't Need A Spiritual Revelation!

As a christian, it is always reassuring to have the reassurance that whatever step you are about to take is backed by God especially when it comes to the issue of marriage. It is understandable that no one wants to make a mistake in marriage, but is it right to go seeking 'spiritual guidance' even when the facts about the person are staring you in the face?

Recently, I have read reports of people blaming their spiritual leaders for their wrong choices in marriage. "My pastor said he's my husband even though I knew he was cheating on me", "I married her because the pastor said she matches my destiny" (*big sigh here*). On the other side of regret, some people have missed out on amazing partners because they were told strange revelations about them. I recall very sadly the lamentations of a young man who left a woman he'd dated for five years to marry someone a 'prophet' deemed better for him. Unfortunately, his wife turned out  to be an infidel, and he was filled with regret when his ex moved on to someone else. Why are people more reliant on external spiritual guidance when the signs are very clear? 

I'll keep this short and sweet. No one,and I mean absolutely no pastor,deacon,prophet or priest can tell you who to marry. No one can tell you where your relationship is heading because no one is in the bandwagon with you. You are in it with your partner. You can see the signs clearly.
Your partner hits you whenever he or she is angry? Run. Your partner is laying down rules you are uncomfortable with? Reconsider your decision to walk down the aisle. Your partner is telling you how to live your life and deciding your future without your input? Think long and hard. Your partner can't stop chasing after other ladies or men? LEAVE. You are ill and the person you're dating is too busy to check on you? What on earth are you doing? You are still waiting for a prophet or pastor to come and tell you whether this person who does not care about you is for you or not? Why on earth do you think you a child of God deserves someone who treats you like you are less than what you actually are? Why would you believe a prophecy that says that cheating man is God's portion for you? Are you saying God intends for you to be in pain and suffer?

Please stop seeking divine answers when the physical signs are staring you in the face. Marriage is not to be endured the whole way through. Yes it has some rough patches where you need to tolerate your spouse and work through difficult roads but those times are not equivalent to the suffering you will endure when you marry an abusive or uncaring partner. You don't need spiritual guidance to know you deserve better. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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