Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Why You Are Trapped In A Bad Relationship

Have you ever wondered why people stay in bad relationships?

I have, many times. Seeing people in certain situations can be mind boggling. Many times we find that we can’t wrap our heads around why people allow certain things happen to them. Could it be they lack the will to act right or is it as they say, that nothing is as easy as it seems? 

Could the fear of the unknown be the reason why an available option becomes more desirable than it really is?
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How hard can it be to get out of an abusive relationship? Why do people still go ahead to get married to people that they have seen manifest in horrible ways? 

Why hold on to a loveless relationship? Why should you stay despite being miserable? Would such person have eaten bread covered with mould and damn the consequences of a stomach virus? 

So why do we treat matters of the heart (and life) with levity? Why do we put reason on hold while hoping for a turnaround that hardly ever happens?

It is always so easy to proffer solutions to problems that we are not involved in. it is easy to tell the poor guy to work harder or tell an obese person to lose weight. 

If all problems can be as easily solved as the phrases we say, most of us won’t be in dilemmas. The truth is, many problems have roots deeper than half sensitive phrases can reach and the sooner we get to the root , the easier it is to tackle the issue.
People stay in bad relationships many times because of fear- fear of different things.Those in bad or abusive relationships sometimes feel stuck and this could be for one of the reason below.

If you are in one of such relationships , then you need to check yourself:

Are you scared of the unfamiliar? My old laptop is a very rugged one. It recognized the feel of my hands and we had a great relationship. The sound of its keypad inspired me and I couldn’t have traded it for anything in the world. Then, it suddenly started acting up. I took it for repairs several times and I suffered lot of delays in my work. 

I missed out on a lot of useful applications and good businesses too. It took a long time to realise that the laptop wasn’t the way it used to be anymore and that it was time for me to get a good one. I was scared I wouldn’t love the feel of a new one or that I might become less inspired but it turned out that it was all in my head.

Do you have security issues? Some people have really low esteems. They feel like they are not good enough or pretty enough to make choices. Such people find it harder to quit bad relationships. They feel like their partners are doing them huge favours by staying with them. Nobody is perfect and we all have things we are scared of but you shouldn’t allow your warped thought about yourself destroy your life. 

You need to be able to love yourself before someone else can. You are who the Lord says you are, beautifully and wonderfully made. Stop seeing yourself through the eyes of someone that puts you down. Stop validating yourself with all the wrong things. You deserve nothing but the best. You were created with purpose. Wake up every morning reminding yourself how special you are.

It is never easy to leave a terrible relationship when one isn’t seeing the big picture. You need to consider your happiness and progress. Staying with the familiar might seem like the right thing to do but you can’t keep on living like that. Why settle for the worse when there are better choices. Don’t wait till you get married to the wrong person or die in the hands of the wrong one.

Take back control of your life and get out of that horrible relationship. You will not know how beautiful love is if you dont allow yourself enjoy it. Let go of your fears.

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