Thursday, July 21, 2016

Unveiling the other side of Female Bosses

Working to earn a living in today's work environment has gone beyond the financial gains alone but struggling to rise and climb through the ladder to get to the top. In time past, most people seen at the peak of their career are usually male with the exception of few female top executives.

In today's world however, achievement at the work place does not only include financial returns but also being seen at the top of the ladder as the Head.

Unfortunately, female top executives have been seen in bad light as most of them tend to be harsh, unfriendly and most especially always want the job done without appreciating the subordinate that did it.

I have had the opportunity to experience three different types of female bosses and sincerely their relationship with their subordinates were cold and were geared towards the same thing: Organizational Achievement alone.
No matter how tough a female boss is, her emotions will be noticed occasionally in the course of the discharge of her duties. This is one of the reasons men question women’s ability in handling issues. With the number of years, though not up to ten that I have spent with female bosses, I will say that certain factors are responsible for their attitude:
  1. Being Single - A single female boss’s emotional side will reveal itself when she does not have a man in her life to care for her and also to treat her like a queen. Loneliness makes them sad which in turn makes them lash out at their subordinates. 
  2. Insecurity – Female bosses hate it when confronted by subordinates which infuriate the anger in them and they look for ways to dismiss such subordinate. They don't like it when you question their leadership style or decision making process, they see you as an enemy they need to get rid of so they can have a stress-free administration (according to them). 
  3. Over-ambitious – Female bosses always strive to get to the top. They want to be the one delegating and assigning tasks to subordinates; their ultimate goal is to get to the peak regardless of whatever it takes. They see it as a target for them to get to the peak or be in control. 
  4. Male Factor - The mere existence of more males in their team than female makes them uncomfortable because male subordinates tend to question them while the female ones follow their order to the letter. The mere presence of a male factor in their team intimidates them. 
  5. Family and Friends – The Female boss is na├»ve or gullible when it comes to taking advice from family and friends. They unintentionally allow themselves to be controlled by these set of people whose advice impact their decision making process. 
This explains why many old traditional CEOs believe in making men heads of the organizations because they believe they are better managers and less emotional at work; although we have accomplished women who have made a landmark in various fields and are still making tremendous impact in the world. 

What do you think?

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