Friday, September 13, 2013

3 Ways To Handle Your Anger

Anger is a serious impediment to any relationship, be it marriage, friendship or even parenting. Some people say talking or communication dissipates anger but I think you only get more aggravated and there is a chance that you will say a lot of things you don’t mean. Here are three methods you can use when trying to control your temper.

Is it worth your anger? 

Think about the problem that is making you so hyper. Is it really worth so much aggression? Think about the issue calmly whether it is worth all this madness that you are into. If the answer is no, then put your energy into something else. Honestly, half of the fights most of us get into, do not deserve that much energy and madness.

Put yourself in the other's shoes

The best way to control your temper is by trading places with the other person - the one who is on the receiving end of your fury. Think about what he/she must be feeling while you are yelling or screaming at them.This will help you control your anger immediately and calm you down.

Walk away

The best and the last resort for any fight, is to walk away from the problem. If you think that you are not in the condition to talk about the issue with your partner or your family, then just walk away from it. When you are okay, and on the right frame of mind to deal on the problem again, talk about it then.

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