Friday, September 6, 2013

6 Tips on Managing Resources As A Newly Married Couple (For Men)

Many newly wedded couples might not know how important it is to proactively manage resources. This is an important skill that must be learnt, perfected and sustained in order to balance all your responsibilities. The following tips should come in quite handy.

1) Date Nights are very important but while your love is still budding and blossoming at this stage in house date night will be just as romantic and intimate without the lofty price. Check out some ideas here.

2) Let wifey know how much you earn. I know some men feel this is not necessary or an invasion of privacy but that’s what you signed up for. together you will be able to fully manage it and maximise it.

3) Once your salary is paid or money is made, divide the this into fractions. Give your wife a portion for the up-keep of the home to cover the following month notifying her, its for the month( most women are good managers)
4) Pay your house rent monthly in a special account(to avoid seeking out a loan when your rent is due)

5) Do not let your job take the place of your family and don't let your family take the place of your job.

6) If you are not good at personal saving then  find investments you can commit a particular percentage of your salary to, maybe in property, stocks and take options of savings by insurance policy, joining a cooperative is useful esp with colleagues at work

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