Monday, September 2, 2013

Preachers of LA and others: Opinion piece

Are there times you wonder if the way you are serving God is the right way? I mean there are lots of churches, most of them with diverse doctrines. Do you wonder like I do if we all ain't a confused lot. There are many talks and competitions among us on who is attending the church with the ‘best tech savvy’ pastor and what have you. Ok, I am sorry, I sound like I am not making sense but I’d love you to stay with me, indulge me just for a little while.

I am in a new city now and I haven’t attended any church service since I got here. Funny thing is I felt the same way last year when I moved to Lagos though I later settled for one. I am sorry if that statement sounded arrogant but thing is the human soul is too important to be fed rubbish. I have enough knowledge to recognise that many of today’s churches have their individual brands of Jesus they are marketing.

Looking back now, I understand why the early church tried to maintain sanctity by bringing everyone under same umbrella (now, I know that had its falls, like I said earlier just indulge me). It’s like folks stick to the part of the bible that agrees with them. I was watching the TV and saw a trailer of a show that is going to start airing soon. The series is titled preachers of LA. What caught my eyes was the lavish lifestyle of the preachers and I know they ain't the only ones like that, there are many pastors living their lives on the fast lane in Nigeria too.

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Am I judging anyone? I’d say no. Like most people, I’d just want to know if the lowly Jesus supports this kind of lifestyle because I am truly befuddled. I am sick of churches building schools three-quarter of their congregation can’t afford. I am sick of seeing pastors surrounded by all manners of body guards and protocol officers, becoming inaccessible to the poor and wretched in their ministries. I am sick of the emphasis on the outward appearance like the soul of man is worn on his face. I am sick of seeing convicted thieves being treated specially ‘cause of the huge donations made to the church. I am sick of the new ‘pastor worship’ replacing the focus on Jesus. I am sick of the patriarchal system being run in churches like the pastors' sons are automatically called into the ministries.

Once again, I am not judging, I am probably airing the minds of a few others. Following the original message most definitely doesn’t mean living in penury but I am almost certain a pastor has no business rocking blings and priding on worldly establishments(again, I am not preaching the opposite, maybe I want for these pastors to check for the meaning of moderation) .

I’d love to state that I understand Jesus from who the bible says he is. I just need some clarification on this Jesus being marketed on the streets. I might not know many things but I am sure Jesus lived the life he preached and much as times have changed, the message is still one and the same – saving souls through unconditional love. Some of the messages being passed in churches these days will make some people steal, rather than redeem them cause as long as the pastor flashes his new brand of Ferrari and a known thief is given a royal welcome because of selfish interests, the church will continue to mislead souls rather than redeem them.

I believe the message is one and the same as God is not an author of confusion. As individuals, we have the responsibility of seeking the truth in God’s word and praying for the spirit of revelation while we are at it.

God bless us all.

You can watch the trailer of the "Preachers of LA" below

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  1. God bless you for this article, thank you for speaking my mind.. It's so sad dat churches are being run like a business rather than what they were formed for.. But as you said "we as individuals should seek the truth in the Bible and pray for the spirit of revelation"..

    I pray the Lord will help us chart the rite course in our various lives irrespective of all we go through...

    Thank you


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