Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What Does Your Account Statement Look LIke???

We always have bank accounts and get inflated with pride, with seeing it’s balance ‘ballooning up’. We also, tend to restrict withdrawals, while intending to make more and more deposits therein to take the balance to satisfactory... naah, to enviable figures.

You and your spouse each have an “emotional bank.” You are either making deposits, or withdrawals into, or out of, your spouse’s bank. Because you tend to “speak” one love language … and your spouse “hears” another, what you were hoping to come across as loving and caring, ends up being heard as something completely different.

We make deposits into his/her account by praise, positive attention, sincere apologies, or acts of service. Examples of withdrawals are such things as criticism, sarcasm, ignoring, or failing to keep promises. If a relationship is wounded, we have probably made too many withdrawals and not enough deposits into that persons (emotional) bank account.

It might help you to think of these deposits as long-term investments. Like any investment, you might not see results immediately. Nevertheless, if you persist, the results will be obvious so, choose your deposits wisely.

Covenant Relationships would like to urge upon you to make more and more deposits in your emotional bank accounts, by affectionate touches, spending quality time together (at home and on special dates, loving words, encouraging words, celebrate each other's victories, helping out in unexpected ways, remembering important dates (birthdays, anniversaries etc,) occasional surprise gifts, showing respect and any others you can think of.

Women run a pay-as-you-go emotional account service...make your deposits daily-Leke Adler

By Ijeoma Olujekun

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