Sunday, September 15, 2013

...Of Men and Plan B's

Sitting at the dining table with my aunt and my elder sister is one of the best things that has happened to me since my trip. There are no inhibitions as to what can be discussed, our little talks have such fluidity that another person watching might have been fascinated by something as unenlightening as our 'bread talk’. We see the lightness in every matter and that just makes each of those moments beautiful.

The thing is it has never really mattered what the topic is on the family table. One topic we all walk on eggs around however is religion. There is no time this topic comes up for discourse that I don't feel an air of awkwardness despite the close bond we share as a family. Last night was no different when I was sharing with them my hospital experience and how one gets checked for what some might term as very minute things in the hospitals around here. It's like one's number is on speed dial on the doctor's phone, if allowed. He probably wants to see the kind of plate one eats with. I am sorry, I digressed.

Being Nigerians, the least of our worries most times is our health so such check up can both be considered as something extraordinary and a waste of time. Last night, we touched the touchy subject of family medical history and my elder sister mentioned such things as diabetes are diseases of Egypt and none shall plague her or anyone. My aunt felt interrupted midair but still muttered that one needed to get those check ups though. Like she was on a roll, my sister insisted there was no need for check up as a sign of faith. The rigidity of my sister's opinion must have come as a slap on my aunt’s face 'cause I felt the air go thicker.

I found myself in the middle, firstly 'cause they were both older than I am and secondly 'cause I am one of those that believe that whatever is discovered through science is to aid religion not to question it so I don't exactly subscribe to my elder sister's view nor my aunt’s on not getting checked up. On the other hand, lying on my bed later in the night got me thinking about many things. I rummaged on the issue of faith and the radicalism of the bible examples and came to the conclusion my elder sister was right after all.

I am keeping bible passages out of this post on purpose but I will love for us all to think deeply in our hearts of hearts if we trust God enough to take care of us without our usual 'Plan B's' .

God bless.

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