Friday, September 6, 2013

Managing The Family Purse -Review

Typical American newlyweds spend over $27,000 on their wedding day -- yet no time or money on a financial plan. It is no surprise then that so many American marriages fail within the first five years, with couples citing ""money issues"" as the number one reason for their breakup. 

With Managing the Marriage Purse you will learn how to: -Create a unique marriage mission that becomes the compelling force to help you get your financial life in order and keep it in order -Identify and eliminate the causes of out-of-control spending -Get out of debt sooner -Increase after-tax income -Reduce your healthcare costs -Put fun and romance into budget meetings -Resolve conflict quickly and eliminate money fights -Avoid the top financial pitfalls that lead to divorce -Become a philanthropist on your existing income

Managing the Marriage Purse written by Robbye Schroeder and Scott Schroeder assists couples in learning more about ways to gain financial stability as a twosome. These helpful tips may provide much-needed money and sense before the big walk down the aisle.

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  1. Please give references on where the book can be purchased.


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