Monday, September 23, 2013

The Parable of the Three Fishes

Someone shared this simple allegory with me which got me thinking.  I am sharing it with you all to give you a little introspection that we all desperately need at times.

Ok, here is the story. There were these three little fishes in the ocean with a terribly vicious shark who kept terrorizing them and making life under the sea unbearable.

So God came along and asked each of them what he wanted Him to do. The first fish asked for eyes all over his body so he could spot the shark from any angle and escape. His wish was granted and off he went.

The second fearful fish asked God to give him feathers so that, in addition to swimming, he could fly away when the shark was coming to get him. His wish was also granted. Then came the third fish, he asked that God have mercy and just help him. So he went away looking petty normal, maybe even more vulnerable next to the other "mutant" fish.

Soon enough the shark came along and swam after the fish with eyes all over it. He spotted it from a mile away but swam into a fisherman's net and was killed. The second fish saw the shark coming and started flying, he soared so high that an eagle caught him mid-flight and ate him.
Then the shark went fearlessly, after the third fish, but promptly the shark was hit by a thunderbolt from heaven which rendered it blind and it could no longer cause any harm.

I hope we can see that as we humbly ask for God's mercy and trust in His wisdom, instead of ours, we are left with peace of mind.

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