Monday, September 9, 2013

The What-To-Expect of Lovers Quarrels (for Lovers)

After we published the piece on the Not-Safe-For Wife-Pictures I wasn't surprised at all the mails from people going through the same thing. 

When you go through challenges remember that if you hear what other people have overcome to kiss, hold hands and smile triumphantly on their 50th wedding anniversary, you will see every reason to join the winning team. Can I get a witness when I say --Tests birth Testimonies and Trials Breed Triumphs!!!

When you are in the courting stage of your relationship, it seems like you will live happily ever after - and you will, but there are some disagreements that almost all couples have at one point or the other. Watch out for them so that you don't blow them out of proportion because it's the little things that lead to BIG arguments. 
It just helps to know that you aren't the only one facing this, and handled correctly, your experiences will turn into GREAT advice for your children and even your grandchildren. At the beginning of a semester you are given the course outline so that you know what to expect and if you show it to your seniors they can tell you where, and with whom, to expect trouble. But it's comforting because if they could go through it without giving up, you can also. 

Top Lovers’ Quarrels
  1. Getting home late from work 
  2. Taking each other for granted, not being caring/romantic enough 
  3. When to have sex 
  4. The house is dirty 
  5. Money, bills, overspending 
  6. What to eat for dinner 
  7. What movie or TV channel to watch 
  8. Helping out with the children 
  9. Not spending enough quality time together 
  10. Driving in an *clears throat* uncomely manner 
So, be comforted you're not alone…How many of these quarrels have you had?

By Ijeoma Olujekun

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