Monday, September 2, 2013

Golden Rules For A Golden Marriage (For women)

Last night a husband was complaining about how his wife is, and how women are generally. "How can she be disappointed because I am not barbing my son's hair tonight? Does that warrant disappointment?" He loves his wife so much and we know he will end up apologising but you know we women  blow some things out of proportion a times don't we? Here are some golden rules to help you keep things in perspective.
  1. Don’t refight old fights. Let them go because there will be fights (I mean disagreements).
  2. Try to always keep the sweetness of love present throughout your days.
  3. Cook something special every once in a while. 
  4. Laugh as much as you can – it keeps things in perspective.
  5. Be the best listener ever.If you find this is hard for you do number 9.
  6. Expect to have disagreements, even big arguments, but as long as you make up afterwards, you are alright.
  7. When in doubt, never shout. Stop, look, and listen, then respond in love!!
  8. Don’t buy a gun!
  9. Pray a lot
  10. Don’t say everything that pops into your head. Mull it over for a day, a week, a month, or even a year first.
  11. Certain words can be really therapeutic if you just say them in your head over and over again. Out loud – not so much, but in your head, great
  12. Spend time with good friends – it will help keep you sane.
  13. Never forget to take time for yourself.
  14. Have fun!!
  15. Never go to bed mad. Always put your differences aside because tomorrow is never promised and life is too short to hold grudges.
  17. Try to stay happy even if you feel mad inside.
  18. Keep your mouth shut.  – it takes two people to argue.
  19. Always be positive and keep an open line of communication at all times.
  20. Understand that you can’t change the man! Learn to live with your differences.
  21. Picture a red and white checkered table cloth. If you know one square is red and he says it is white, don’t argue. You know it is red.
  22. Pick your battles but try to win anyway.
  23. See number 9.

Have a blessed week people!!!

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