Saturday, November 28, 2015

Five Reasons Why You Should Avoid Sex

If I had a dollar for every time someone rolls his/her eyes when the celibacy debate comes up, I will probably be right there with Dangote and the likes. Having sex on the first date or after a few dates has become the fad in the present age, even within churches.
Everyone is probably doing it so why be different?
Interestingly, there are people in the present age who dare to be different despite the moral decadence. According to a study , one in 20 couples actually practice abstinence, although it might not be a mutual choice.

People practice celibacy for different reasons; it could be for religious, moral, spiritual or health reasons. Whatever the reason might be, it is not a decision to be imposed on anyone. Everyone and even unborn children know that fornication and adultery is a sin but many still go ahead and break it anyway. There are some rules that can only be kept after one has gained a great understanding why one should keep them.

Rules and regulations are good sometimes but that doesn’t make them easy to keep. It sometimes could feel like being in a strongly guarded cage with huge locks. I never used to like any kind of rule- good or bad. My secondary school reminded me of that cage a lot. Man! Did they have rules? “Don’t be caught doing anything after lights out; always be at the assembly; observe siestas and prep classes; you can’t leave the school except on holidays and midterm breaks; cooked food are not allowed in the hostel; etc.
Looking back now, I have come to understand that some rules and regulations had to be made to save mankind. Imagine if we were all allowed to do whatever we please, if we could get away with murder or if it didn’t matter if we all thought the streets are great refuse dumps? What a chaos we would have created? The point is we don’t necessarily have to understand rules to obey them but understanding them makes them easier to keep.

I can roll out dozens of scriptures on why one has to keep one’s body but you might still be missing the point.
  • STDs are real, yes I said it. There are so many, see a list here. A woman shared how she discovered she couldn’t have children after having contracted chlamydia which blocked her fallopian tubes. Oh, how about condoms, you might ask? Well, they have been known to break.
  • The most obvious one has to be unwanted babies. Even married couples find it hard to deal with babies that weren’t exactly planned for not to consider someone that is not married and ready. As earlier said, condoms have been known to fail.
  • It can be very liberating to know you have no sexual ties or obligations to anyone. You don’t have to wonder about your weight, your sexual skills and what nots, when you could be doing or thinking about more productive things.
  •  It breeds intimacy. You would have more time to focus on other parts of your relationship as you are likely to be less distracted. A study shows some abused people confuse sex for love.
  • Well, I can’t but go spiritual, sex is really sacred. Your body is the temple of Christ. There is an odd chance that one would get married to one’s first love. Imagine all the body counts and all the unknown spiritual engagements with different people before one finally meets the one.

The ball is really in your court and like I said earlier, you can only come to this understanding by yourself. Open yourself up to the Holy Spirit and let him guide you. No one said it would be easy but it is worth trying.
Also it doesn’t matter if you have been having sex before reading this post, you could make amends and take that step to keep yourself. Don’t be deceived by the media, there are many people that are practicing celibacy/abstinence.

God bless.


  1. U are rightly right, may God help to make decision and stick to it.

  2. U are rightly right, may God help to make decision and stick to it.


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