Thursday, November 5, 2015

Husbands Are Short In Supply

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The journey to self is a journey of many years and a very necessary journey for every human. Not only will one get to a place of self-realization and purpose, one also gets to understand that limitations are almost nonexistent. The beauty of this journey is it has nothing to do with getting older, it is a conscious decision one can come to at any period in one’s life.

Many times we find ourselves trying to measure up against the norms and standards of the society while we lose sight of who we are or who we ought to be. I got into this reflective mood just after seeing a movie,After I Do,  based on the life of three women who suffered different kinds of abuse in the hands of their husbands. They endured physical, verbal and emotional abuse. The thing about abuse is it is not peculiar to women only, there are also men who find themselves in horrible situations in their home but feel helpless in the face of the situation.

It occurred to me as the movie progressed that we are never as helpless as we think we are. One of the women in the movie was scared she would be left with no companion if she left her abusive husband. She  felt her husband was doing her some kind of favors by staying married to her. She was also scared that she will be judged by the society for not enduring one of many ‘marriage’ trials. Her friend shared that she feared that she might end up an old maid if she didn’t agree to her husband’s proposals. She was told ‘husbands are short in supply’. She realized she made the greatest mistake of her life when after her husband infected her with HIV, He excused it ‘as one of those things’. 

The movie reached a climax when one of the women was almost murdered by her husband. The women seemed to suffer from lack of self-awareness. They didn’t think they deserved better. I realized that if one fails to create an identity for oneself, one will be forced to live with the many images handed down by different people in one’s life. One will be like a ship without sail. This is why it is very important for us to discover ourselves. It is only one who truly knows his position that can fully function in such position. Jesus understood who He is, He knew very much that the world and all that is in it belongs to his father. So He knew better than to give in to Satan’s temptation.You are not an old maid, you are not desperate or helpless, you are not any of the labels the society has placed on you. You are who you say you are, you are whoever you want to be. The power to be so much more is within you, you just need to reach for it.

Husbands may be short in supply but yours wouldn’t pass you by, please don’t settle out of pressure. 

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