Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dear Husband, Birth Control Should Not Be Left For Your Wife Alone

It is interesting in this day and age that men still leave the issue of birth control to their wives. How can a man say, "I thought you were doing something. How can you get pregnant without telling me?"

I remember sometime back when someone told me her husband was furious with her when she said she was pregnant. I was amazed at her husband's reaction. I proceeded to ask the following questions;

Question: Were you using any birth control method?
Wife: No

Question: Did your husband know that you were not using any birth control method?
Wife: Yes

Question: Was he using any birth control method?
Wife: No

Question: And both of you continued to engage in regular sex?
Wife: Yes

Question: Did both of you not think about the fact that you would get pregnant?
Wife: Well he just said that I am a big girl and that I should be able to ensure that I shouldn't get pregnant.

I was bewildered and amused at the same time; in short bemused. Why would a man think he shouldn't be bothered about his wife getting pregnant when he knows that:

  1. his wife is not using any birth control;
  2. he is not using any birth control;
  3. the result of having continual sex with your wife is pregnancy?
Why should a man leave the responsibility of birth control to his wife alone when it takes two to tangle?
Why would you leave such an important decision to your wife when you know that once a child is invited to this world, you cannot send the child back.
Don't you know what it takes to raise a child in this world of today; spiritually, financially and emotionally?

The picture I am trying to paint here is that since both of you are one after marriage, the decision of the number of children you are having and the birth control methods to use to ensure the number does not change, is left to two of you.

If you don't know about birth control methods and devices, Google it. If not satisfied, discuss with your doctor together, i.e. husband and wife.

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