Friday, March 14, 2014

Age.... What's the Big Deal Anyway?

"Age is just a number".....I'm beginning to think I don't believe in that statement wholeheartedly given my reaction when one of my buddies told me she met a guy and she likes him bla bla...she went on to give me the basics- he lives at 'this place', works at 'that place', he's unmarried ...and then she dropped a bombshell.. he's 17 years older.

My first words were "Oh?!" accompanied by raised eyebrows and I fought the urge to say anything to hurt her feelings or burst out in laughter. You see, in my head, I had a picture of someone that had already graduated from high school the day she was born; why on earth didn't he go for one of his mates after all these years? Like she hadn't shocked me enough, she went on to say "i don't think it's a big deal, one of our friends is dating a guy that is 16 years older". That is when I let the laughter rip! Thank goodness she also thought it was hilarious; else I'll be in the dog box now.

What is the big deal with age? Should it be a determining factor in relationships? According to many people I know- It's all relative. It is subjective. It depends on the two people involved. I spent some time after my hilarious chat with my buddy, thinking about the age factor and why many women seem to find happiness in the arms of 'older' men. Is there no satisfaction in dating young men anymore? 

Well, these days, it seems roles are switching; young women are becoming more educated, more career-driven, more inclined towards leadership positions and aspiring for great things; on the other hand, many young men these days are *clearing my throat* not so inspired. There's an increase in the number of male couch potatoes; it is most common where I live that the women work while the men drink and play games. In addition to that, it seems maturity is increasingly on the side of the ladies these days; like I put it to a friend of men, "the emotional maturity of many young men is only as long and wide as a teaspoon". I may be wrong but it sure seems like it. Could this be the reason why many women find comfort and peace with much older men? Most likely. 

When ladies get to a certain age, their priorities change, the kind of man they'd like to date changes- it's not about swag or whatever it's called anymore; it's about the man's maturity, his ability to know where to draw the line, his ability to know when to get off his high horse and apologise even if he is right in a million and one ways; his ability to protect, his ability to love unconditionally, his ability to stay loyal! Unfortunately, we live in a generation where it's about having sex, splashing money irresponsibly to attract ill attention and growing an ego off all that.

I really wish young men of this generation would wake up and take their rightful place- as leaders, as men worth emulating; you don't have to wait till you're almost 50 before you make an emotionally mature decision; it starts now. 

After hearing my friend's talk about enjoying dating men in their early forties, I am not sure of what to think when it comes to age barriers anymore. *sigh*. What's it to you? Is age a big deal? 

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