Thursday, March 6, 2014

Never Let The Flame Go Out... Never ever...

I want those times back. The candle-lit dinners and endless talks about nothing. Bring back all of those times of passion unequalled and love like one that can only be found in the books. Stay in my heart and never leave. Take me anywhere just don't bring me back to this unrecognisable life we now have.

I imagine these are the thoughts of a lover wary of an unexciting love life.

Relationships are in phases, there is the period of falling in love and when that phase fizzles out one settles into the beautiful state of being in love. No relationship is without its share of drama. There are always highs and lows. While some couples get over their low periods, some find it really hard to do so.

There are times especially in marriages that life happens setting before the couple several hurdles. It can be in form of financial pressures or career choices. Sometimes, it is the families of the couple or children. At these times, it is almost possible to forget how things used to be. The passionate relationship that once was takes the back seat. Needless to say this could lead to a deeper problem and in some cases, divorce.

I am not saying romance is all there is to a relationship but it is very important. There is the place of desire where couples have to try and stay attracted to each other no matter what. Finding companionship is great so also is having a good chemistry with whom one has found companionship in.

Adultery is a betrayal to both man and God and it can occur if couples don't consciously nurture the flame between them.

In keeping the flame burning, women must bear in mind that most men are turned on by what they see. They must endeavour to stay in shape physically and mentally. It is wrong to get too comfortable and stop doing those little things that the men in their lives love. Make your hair and do your nails. Don't go to bed smelling like egusi soup or in that breast-milk stained nightie. You are a wife as much as you are a mother try to keep it balanced.

Men need to keep doing what they did to win the women in their lives. Pamper the women in your lives; appreciate them.

Plan to spend time together consciously. This doesn't necessarily have to be expensive,you could even stay at home. Just bear in mind that connecting with your partner is what is important. Drop the kids at your parents' or with a caregiver so as to be able to achieve this.

When going through financial stress, be open about it to your partner. Pray and work out a plan to overcome such period.

Whatever happens, keep the flame burning. Don't get to a point where your relationship would have become so stretched that romance has become foreign when you could have redeemed it by staying consciously in love.

When it is all said and done, y'all would agree that fanning the embers of a burning fire is way easier than rekindling an already burnt out one.

May the wisdom with which we build our homes never evade us.


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