Monday, March 3, 2014

Being shameless about Christ

If one takes a headcount by show of hands,one will find there are many 'Christians'. What bothers me however is how few those that are ready to share the Word with others are. It is like there is a league of cool Christians. The ones who wear dresses that are in vogue and know by heart every latest song by secular artistes . They seat in the front row in churches but their lives are non reflective of the word they hear. They are the ones that are quick to tell everyone that they are in the period of grace and have scales of balances for sins they commit. They excuse everything both right and wrong in a bid to conform with the world. They try hard not to be perceived as a 'spiriko'. They are very diplomatic in their approach  and careful about who sees them with the bible.

The question is who are we deceiving? One can't serve two masters. There are no blurred lines here. If you are for Christ,be for Christ. One is either in or out.
One must also bear in mind one's mandate as a Christian.  'Go ye into the world and prrach the gospel to every creature'. One's
 life as a Christian should be gospel enough for others to want to know Jesus Christ. We need to retrace our steps and understand there is nothing embarrassing by being zealous for Christ. Nobody is saying you should wear rags or not look trendy ,what I am saying is for us to remember that we are responsible for those around us. We need to talk to them about Christ.

Preaching the word also act as a check for us. Take for example ,one preaches to colleagues at work, one would find it difficult to be reckless in one's words and attitude.  One would be held against the standard of the Word that one has shared thereby making one live more consciously and responsibly.

The message of the cross is simple. 'For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him shall not die but have everlasting life.' I watched a video recently that depicted God's love for the world, it was so simple and touching.  Be generous in your ways by sharing this truth.

It's a new week,let's get the message out,  talk to someone about Christ today.  Preach Christ shamelessly. Don't be caught in the politics of this world.
God bless.  

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