Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bullying: A Parent's Concern

Seems to me like yesterday when I wondered if my daughter was going to be able to latch on well in order to be well fed by me. A couple of months down the line and my worries took a new turn, I was teaching her how to sit without support, I got worried anytime she leaned back and pushed her body back to the sleeping position which automatically had her laying with her back to the floor like she was never going to understand bums were meant for sitting. I watched her yesterday trying to get on all fours and I had to agree within myself that time really does play its part.

It’s funny how I find new things for myself to worry about. If I share some of my thoughts with you, I bet you’d call me crazy. I feel like she needs some extra protection more because she is a girl. We all pray for our kids not to fall victims of abuses whatever kind but who do we blame when they do? Do we sit and rummage through bunches of shouldas and couldas?

I was watching the TV yesterday and there was this story about an eight year old child of mixed race. She desired long hair so her grandma paid for her to get hair extensions, the other kids in school called her names and pulled at her hair till her scalp peeled with the hair. The damage done was so bad that some doctors think she might have to wear a wig all her life. in solidarity members of her family and friends shaved their hair to show their love for her. I was touched and you all would agree that as bad as her case might be, some have it worse. Some of these kinds of stories end in death.

Bullying doesn’t necessarily have to be physical; there is also the emotional aspect of it. Even if the kid(s) that bully(s) another kid is punished, atimes the damage caused is almost irreparable.

I remember complaining to my mum about a kid beating me up in school; she spanked me and told me that I should learn to stand up for myself next time. I was an easy prey with my slim stature and not so regular face. My mum was and still is my greatest cheerleader. She taught me to hold my own and build my confidence. Despite looking really awkward, I was Giselle to my mum. It was a matter of time and I was able to stand before my then oppressors. Because she helped me see who I could be and I discovered I didn’t need the yeses of the school’s bullies. I still try hard to understand how innocent looking kids could be so full of bile. 
 Times have changed since my time but the situation is still the same.

I hope to apply my mum’s tactics if ever faced with same situation, I’ll probably do mine without the spanking J. It is always good when one creates an atmosphere where one’s child finds one easy to relate with, that way, one is kept informed of happenings in the life of one’s child(s). as parents, we owe our kids utmost protection.

Parents should also take it upon themselves to raise kids with good values, if parents play their parts well, the issue of bullying will be reduced. Kids mirror the homes they are brought up in.

For other ways one can protect one's child;

I stumbled on some beautiful tips while writing this and you can check them out here

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