Monday, August 8, 2016

1 Important Relationship Tip You Must Never Forget

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Toddlers can be a handful sometimes; mine is a very active one. While Disney channel may help keep her calm for a little bit, her playfulness and short attention span causes her to desire other forms of recreation other than her toys and the Kiddies channels on the cable network. I find it hard to keep up sometimes so I just give her my phone to watch YouTube. 

I found they have so many kiddies channels which initially looked like it would solve the problem of keeping her occupied and also educating her. I make sure to put the settings on restricted mode. I was surprised however when I stumbled on some materials that are not really appropriate. 

Inappropriate doesn’t necessarily mean ‘bad’ but there are some that I just feel she doesn’t need to watch maybe because of the kind of message that is being passed across. This gets me really frustrated some times because much as I would have loved to enjoy some peace and quiet while she goes from one Youtube channel to the other, I find that I cannot get over the probability of her getting misled. Hence, I have to constantly monitor and filter out the relevant and the not so relevant ones. All in all, despite finding helpful materials, I found out that I still have to be really vigilant.

In a weird similarity, I find that this also applies to adults seeking solution to issues relating to relationships and marriages.
Google seem to hold a lot of answers to many issues some couples have. While some of the advice is good, same can not be said of others. Also some good ones may not be appropriate for some couples, the application of which may result to further complication of issues.

‘Do not marry a wife that can’t cook’ , some say.

‘Culinary skill isn’t supposed to be a consideration because couples can eat out or hire a cook’, others opine. For the conflicted person seeking answers, the situation becomes even more complex.

What should be the real guide?

See my dad, for instance, doesn’t like food much and I am almost sure that it wouldn’t have mattered to him if my mum could cook or not. I also remember that anytime I visited my cousin when we were younger, their dad always cooked even when their mum was around. I later found out that cooking was one of his favourite things. We have this family friend however that is a food enthusiast and demands for his wife to step up in that department. For these three men, the same solution wouldn’t have applied should they have sought to know whether or not to marry a woman that can cook or not. Other values would have been so much more important than for a woman to be able to cook for a man like my dad.Imagine if someone like him blindly follows the opinion of someone that thinks cooking should be one of the traits he has to seek in a partner despite it being of little use to him. 

Like my search for solution to my child’s restlessness, many people get on the internet hoping to get some marital education from the vast resources available on the internet. However, such people have to be very tactful. They need to bear in mind that situations are different and while some authors might be well meaning, their messages don’t necessarily provide solutions to some problems. So, it is very important to recognize the uniqueness of one’s issues and seek for answers accordingly. Be careful and alert enough to know that not all available resources are appropriate for your situation.

Stay blessed.

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