Wednesday, August 17, 2016

When Men Forget Important Dates

I saw a caption few years ago where the husband asked the wife for the password to the laptop and she replied that the password was their anniversary date. He soliloquized "how can she use that" because he couldn’t figure out the date just immediately.

This is not to shade men but they tend to forget vital dates that should be treasured. One of my friends once told me how his wife reacted when he forgot her birth-date.

These dates are quite important to women and it is only necessary that the men in these women’s lives try some useful formulae to always remember these dates as at when necessary.

Women will always cherish men who remember such dates as their birth-dates, wedding anniversary, their parents’ birth-date, their children birth-dates etc; without them reminding their partners/spouses. They will even see such men as being romantic when he not only remembers but also surprises her with gifts on such occasions.
What then are the reasons why men forget these dates making this an issue with their women folks?

One wonders how this trivial but controversial issue can be dealt with in order to bring lasting happiness to people’s homes. This issue has led to disagreement and even divorce in some marriages. A woman will appreciate if her partner remembers her birth-date and wish her ‘happy birthday’ even when he does not buy a gift than forget and try to make up for it by gifting her expensive items days after her birthday.

There are ways men can remember these dates:
  • Set a recurring calendar on your phone. 
  • Place a calendar in front of the fridge with these dates marked on it. 
  • Place a gift order at a store or online few months before that day and have it delivered to her on her birthday; she will be the one to remind you by calling to thank you when she receives the gift in case you forgot. 
  • Mark these dates on your table calendar in your office. 
  • Find someone who shares the same birth-date and anniversary date with you so it will be a pop up for you. 
Mastery of some of these ways will help you to always remember dates that are vital to your relationship. Women can also help their men by reminding them of these dates stylishly with announcement of the kind of gift they want for their upcoming birthday or where they want to spend their next wedding anniversary. This will help the men keep these dates in mind and even not forget them.

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