Monday, August 29, 2016

Here's Why You're Stuck In a Rut

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At some point in your life, you may feel like you're stuck in spite of the effort you're putting into this journey called life. You may start to lack motivation, start to question your journey and the essence of all the right decisions you have made, and why God is just not hearing you. You may even start to think about all the sins you committed in the past that God is only just beginning to punish you for, and the opportunities that questioned your moral code but could have probably worked out. This thing of being stuck in a rut is hectic and I have been there. I can tell you now that all the sins you committed in the past hold nothing against you as long as you have confessed them and sought the forgiveness of God, you are good. Trust me, God's grace comes in waves and not in droplets. Those not-so-moral opportunities that pass you by? Thank God you didn't take them. You might have ended up in a bigger rut than the one you're in. 

If none of the above-mentioned reasons can explain why you are stuck in a rut, then what is the real issue? 

#1 You have stopped taking charge of your life: So many people would be greater than they are if they will stop going with the motions and start making intentional decisions. This is probably you over the past few years- stayed at the same job, never bothered to look for something better with zest, never bothered to study further for a promotion, or even take a training course to improve yourself. The problem here is you have stopped looking at possibilities for your life, and are now hibernating. If this is where you are at, your situation can easily be changed by your determination. Get up, stop walking around with drooped shoulders and a bowed head. Search for opportunities that will make you better and start to make intentional plans towards them. You will feel revived, have something to look forward to, and subsequently escape the rut you are in. 

#2 You are negative towards yourself: We are negative towards ourselves in more ways than we can imagine. Negativity is not simply saying negative words to yourself; it is also the way you think of, and express yourself. Many people negatively limit themselves and their prospects for the future. They see things they could acquire and immediately think to themselves "I cannot afford that. I'd better look for someone else to get it for me". This is a very common thought process that projects itself into your life and the things you pursue. My tip? Turn negative thoughts into action plans. Whenever you think to yourself "I cannot afford that", follow it with "what can I do to achieve that?" "What are the possible routes through which I can get that done?" NB: A possible route is not asking someone else to get it done for you. 

#3 You don't have a goal: Imagine if soccer was played without a goal post or a timeline, would we love it so much? Many people are working hard at life, trying to do the right things, but without any set goals. If you don't have a goal, then you are simply kicking everywhere not knowing if you hit your target or not. With time, you'll get tired, hate your life and start to blame everything and everyone for your being stuck, How about you set a goal? A realistic goal. A goal is a destination with a timeline attached to it. What do you want to achieve and by when? When you have these two components, it is easy to draw up an action plan and work up some determination. 

So what are you waiting for? Get out of the rut you're in. The game is still on and you can still win. XOXO

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