Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sometimes God Wants You To Take A Leap

I often hear people talk at length about the things they wish they could do, and they can't wait for the right factors to fall into place. Sometimes, we want to improve our lives, earn more, achieve more, go after our purpose more but we are constrained by factors that are seemingly beyond our reach. So many people want to take the next step but they keep worrying about the high chances of failure much more than the possibility of success. 

I have had a project in mind for years now, and every time I think about it, I get really excited. I spend a considerable amount of time thinking about what could come of it, how amazing it could be, and the positive impact it could have on the lives of others. Right after my positive thoughts, I start to question myself - what if it fails? what if it has no impact? What if it is all just in my head that people need this? what if I am just too confident in something that's most likely going to fall apart? Then comes the questions of fear - what if it works? what if it becomes so big, I have to manage it? what if I start to fail because it becomes so successful and spins out of control... what if.. what if... my what ifs did not end until a couple of weeks ago. 

I was driving to the grocery store and the project popped up in my head again. I'd just had a long session of prayer alone and was in tune with God. I drifted through the nitty-gritty of the project really quickly and arrived at my what-ifs (Note: fear and discourage can become so enjoyable, you become addicted to it). The moment the first what-if crossed my mind, I heard the sentence very clearly "why do you doubt me?" I did not need to ask where it came from. I actually laughed because it was very clear. God was telling me to take a leap. 

What's that project you've been postponing because everything is just not right yet? What's the project you've been failing to get off the ground because you are worried your resources will not be be enough? When Jesus fed the multitude with five loaves of bread and two fish, he did not break the bread, count the people and then strategize on the best way to distribute. He broke the bread and told his disciples to get on with it. They had more than enough. It is time to take a leap with the little that you have. It is time to get your show off the ground and let God keep you flying. It is time to think like a winner and quit doubting God. You can do it. Just take a leap of faith. XOXO

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