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Six Signs That Says He Is not The One

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Getting married quick becomes a woman’s heart desire once she gets to a certain age. Societal expectations and family pressure play a large part in making a woman get uncomfortable with her singlehood. Unconsciously, she starts to see prospects in people she might not have even given the time of the day while she was younger. 

Some people handle the pressure well and are still able to discern when to stay or go when caught in bad relationships, while some others keep trying even when the situation says for them to checkout.

Marriage is lifelong and choosing right is very important.

Below is a list of men, you need to keep away from so as not to get your expectations shattered:-

If he keeps other women: I can hear you say this is a no brainer but I also know for a fact that there are women stuck in this kind of arrangement. They see all the signs and all the other women in his life but think they can win him over with their homely qualities. They feel like he is a treasure they have to fight hard to keep. He says the other women don’t matter , thus giving one a false sense of hope. 

My dear, you need no soothsayer to tell you that you are in the wrong relationship. A man that really wants you would get rid of other attractions just to be with you. Don’t be charmed with his lies. It would only end in broken promises and ruined esteem. You deserve someone that would respect you and preserve your heart. 
If he is immature: He looks like a great package from the outside but every other aspect of his life spells that he is not mature enough for a big commitment. He makes you feel like you are not enough when the real problem is him. He is very self-centered and will probably not apologize should there be any disagreement. Pressure brings out the worst in him and he can fast become abusive if not checked. 

Getting such person to step up to his responsibilities requires a lot of time, tact and persuasion. If you find yourself in a relationship with one, you need to talk to him about his attitude because should you take things to the next level without properly resolving the situation , it is only going to get worse.

If all he wants is sex: he would probably not be interested in getting to know you more than what your body gives. He finds a way to make every conversation about sex and is unrelenting in his advances. Don’t be fooled into thinking giving in to his sexual advances will make him stay, he will be gone like a flash soon as he gets what he wants.

If he is scared of commitment: engagement rings should only be worn for so long. Don’t be caught in that web of dating forever. The situation isn’t exactly the same for everybody but all things being equal, if you are dating someone that has come of age and is financially ready but still doesn’t want to take it to the next level, then you should reconsider. He is probably never going to get to that next level with you.

If he isn’t crazy about you: if you are the one doing most of the calling and texting, then you need to check yourself. You might just be wasting your time on someone that doesn’t care about you. A man that loves you should want to know how you are faring.

If he abuses you emotionally, physically or in any other way: getting married to someone like this wouldn’t change who he is. Such person is only going to get worse. He is not the right man for you and you should leave before you make taking the vows to make it permanent.

Guard your heart and let wisdom be your guide. Your family members wouldn’t live in your matrimonial home with you. 

It is your life, choose right.

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