Monday, August 29, 2016

Do you have answers to these questions before saying “I DO”?

With the kind of problems in Christian marriages today, there's more to ask. You want to be convinced that your marriage will last and not be shaken by anything. Are you really going to stay with this person till death do you part? You should have the mindset that things will come up that will really make you think otherwise, but the thought of divorce should not be an option. Together you can work on any problem, but if your mate won't agree to such; you should play your part.

There are so much to be given in Marriage i.e. in marriage, giving should be reciprocal. No party should be seen as the recipient all the time, hence the need for a balance. It is pertinent to know that before committing yourself to this whole marriage idea, you have to give up certain things like the “I” factor in decision making, fashion taste, lifestyle, food choices, ostentatious spending etc.
Christian couple should ask themselves certain questions when contemplating a serious relationship:

1. Does this person love God and understand God’s principles on Marriage?

Marriages are full of challenges, and to be connected in faith with someone who loves God is an advantage in dealing with those challenges. Understanding the principles of God on marriage will help you know if this person is right for you and vice versa.

2. Is this person trustworthy enough for me?

Trust is an issue in relationships. You should know if you can vouch for this person in the midst of mischievous people and not have a second thought. You should know if this person is worthy of your trust and friendship. This person’s trust should attract you to him/her.

3. Does this person have plans for each stage of his/her life?

In the course of the relationship, discussions will ensue to give you an insight into this person’s vision and futuristic plans. You want to know if the person has plans for each stage of their lives and what they are doing to achieve it.

4. Do you genuinely love this person and does this person love you in return?

This is a question of the heart. It would seem obvious that the answer is yes, but if that were always the answer, there wouldn’t be so many divorces. Every person contemplating marriage should take time to seriously ask whether this is a relationship built on reciprocal love or something less, such as infatuation, physical attraction, or mere friendship.

5. Do I see this person as a role model for my children?

Is this person the one you want to parent your children? Do you want your children to grow up and be like this person or this person’s character irritates you and you don’t want your children to be anything like him/her?

Conviction about this person is key when considering to walk the isle with him/her. Your answers to the questions above will guide you in taking the right decision of saying “I do” or “I don’t” to a marriage proposal.

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