Friday, May 29, 2015

3 Reasons Why Your Marriage Proposal Got Turned Down

The media has changed people’s expectations of proposals. It has gone far beyond a love struck and assured man getting on one knee to ask the hand of the lady of his dreams in marriage. It is so much more fanciful. Although some of us might argue but many of us live for the ‘awwws’ and likes we get from our followers on the social media. Some proposals are even more expensive than wedding budgets. It really cannot get more dramatic than when that “will you marry me’ question is popped. From choosing to propose in dream destinations to overly populate places, we all would agree proposals  are so much different from what they used to be.The whole world seem to pause and wait on the answer. Often times, the answer is Yes but there are times things go south and one’s heart is left in several broken pieces.

Image result for why a marriage proposal can be turned downBearing in mind that a thousand and one things could go wrong, one needs to be well equipped. You don’t want to be caught wishing you could have pressed rewind and changed things at an already late time. Being a soldier of love, I feel the need to look out for people’s hearts so your enthusiasm about love doesn’t become washed out.

There are many things you need to consider before taking that huge step of asking someone to marry you. It is already established that you are in love with the person and the person checks out on your list of what you want in a life partner. The question you might want to ask yourself is if the person feels the same way. This looks somewhat tricky because love can be a gamble. You never know how deep someone cares about you till you find yourself in certain situations. Notwithstanding, some things are just basic and if you stay with me you’d understand.

  • Perhaps you are moving too fast/ if you are planning to propose to a girl you only just met three months before, your proposal might be rejected because it might feel like you are rushing things. So, much as you have fallen head over heels for the other person, give it some time.

  • You have unresolved issues but still went on to propose. Chances are your partner is mad at you, so give it some time. Iron out the issues between you before you pop the big question. That way it doesn’t feel like you are apologizing lousily or not being sincere enough

  • You feel ready but your partner doesn't.  We all grow at different phases in relationships, so being in a certain place doesn’t automatically put your partner in the same frame of mind. Weigh the circumstances. If you are already working and she’s still in school or in the middle of sorting her life, she might not want to say yes immediately. So, give it sometime. You could even slip it in your conversation for her to get familiar with the idea. Just be sure you are on the same page before you stage a public proposal that could end up being the worst day of your life.

Just follow your heart and stay guided in your thoughts. Don’t be so caught up in your feelings that you can’t read your partner’s mood . Remember if love doesn’t happen for you now, it will some other time .

It is alright to be turned down,Don t give up on love.


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