Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Guys: 5 Reasons Why She Ditched You

Asking a girl out might seem nerve racking for a number of guys but trust me when I say that is not the tough part yet. Making the girl stay is the tough part. The three-month period after she warms up to your advances is very important. You know how they tell you to put in your all during the probation period in order to get confirmed for a job, well that is how important the early period of courtship is.

It is that getting-to-know-each-other stage and it could be a gamble. All one knew before then is what one is allowed to see but the events that follows helps one come to certain conclusions about the other person and for women they tend to draw these conclusions early.

Image result for break upI was listening to a radio programme yesterday when a guy called in to share how heartbroken he is after a girl he had only dated for close to a month called their relationship off. He was lost and just couldn’t understand why a girl he claimed he cared about so much just wouldn’t want him anymore after such a short period.
We all agree the world really looks like it revolves around men. Women seem to have the sorriest heartbreak stories but guys are not without their share too. From a female point of view, allow me share with you the reason why a girl that said yes to a drink might decide to call off your next movie date.

·         You are coming on too strongly: I know you must be really excited about being able to finally spend time with your crush but you might want to take it slow. It freaks girls out when after the first date, you start throwing around the L word. It is important for you to understand she is trying to get used to you. Let her savor every moment and allow her meet you where you are. Telling her you love her when she is just getting to know you just makes you sound like a freak or a liar.

·         You are trying too much: Not every girl loves it when you are doing too much to impress. Very meeting shouldn’t be about how many lions you have killed and how many jungles you conquered. She’s not that dumb, she can see through your lies. Just stay real and let her be the judge if she wants to stay or not. There was this guy I used to know that I concluded I didnt want to see again because he was trying to impress. If possible he would wear his clothes with tags. I just couldn’t deal.

·         You tried to take advantage of her: Respect is very key. You need to look past your selfish desires and behave yourself if you don’t want a girl to cut you off.  Come on now, not many girls like it when they offer you their hands and you interpret that for their lips. It makes your intentions look really questionable. She starts wondering if you really love her or you just want her body.

  •           She is in love with someone else. Perhaps she just got out of one relationship she hasn’t gotten over and she feels overwhelmed by your show of affection. She might later see you as what you really are - a rebound, and decide to cut it off.

·         You are simply not her type: Don’t take it to heart sweetheart, it is nothing personal. Not everyone we meet are our perfect matches despite whatever physical attraction. It might be the awkwardness in the conversation you try to strike or pure lack of interest on her side. It has nothing to do with your approach. She can tell you two won’t make a good pair after a few dates so she doesn’t want to waste your time.

There it is guys, I hope I answered some of the questions in your head as to why a girl suddenly stopped replying your texts?

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