Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Is He Plain Broke Or Is She Materialistic?

A cold weather on a day indoors, good music in the background, freshly washed sheets, a great book , a well brewed cup of coffee are a few of my favorite things. I was daydreaming about those in between having a really busy weekend. Despite being really busy, I still had time to check what was trending on the internet.

Two things caught my attention. The case of the man that severed ties with a girl that he was just getting to know after he took her out for shopping and she picked a bag that was worth 250,000naira that is roughly 1,500dollars. Another was the case of the guy that is mad that a girl he had been chatting with for a while and probably in love with, agreed to finally meet him physically for the first time, at a fast food joint. The guy is mad the girl suggested they meet at a fastfood joint when she could have suggested a ‘buka’(local roadside food joints) or a provision store. The guy figured the girl is too materialistic because of her choice of place and this got him really pissed off. He was so livid he dedicated quite a long post venting over the girl’s materialism. You lol’ed at this right? Well, I did too.
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When I was done laughing I weighed in on the situations like a number of other people. I can’t adequately share my opinion on the first issue here so I'll just weigh in on the latter situation, saving my thoughts on the first one till later.

The early stage of love and even every stage is characterized with lots of giving not to show off but more to express one’s affection to the other person. First meet ups are very important, the two people involved are on their best behavior so as to create the right impression. Most times neutral places are preferred for first meet ups. Fast food joints can serve as great places because of the ambiance and probably ‘easy’ meals. 

Truth is the brother in discourse might just not have enough money to pay were the girl to order food at the fast food joint. Many people who have their lunch everyday in these fast food joints don’t understand that it is a luxury to some other people , so , maybe his rage is not totally unfounded.

However, I think he is wrong to have judged the girl that way. Instead of blaming the girl for having a 'high' taste why not just admit his limitations and probably work on getting better. 

It is just same as when someone has insecurity issues and thereby pick on his partner for having too many friends. The problem is not the number of friends, the problem is the esteem issue.

Lesson here should be for us to look deep down and acknowledge situations for what they really are instead of looking to blame everyone else but ourselves.

What are your thoughts? Kindly share.

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