Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A New Mum's Diary: School Scouting For A Toddler

I was scouting for a school for my toddler recently and I feel the need to share with you lessons learnt and unlearnt. 
Did I say school? ok, not a school per say but you know one of those glorified crèche with syllabuses, I mean she can barely even say her name audibly. I just think she has outgrown my office daycare with its minimal child educational services. I must have been bitten by the anxiety bug that accompanies raising the first child but I think I have done great so far (see me self adulating. lol ). I am in such a hurry though, you should have seen the look on my face the first time she called me mummy (I am not even allowing the fact that she calls most of my other friends mummy get to me). The way she says it is just so adorable and I am holding on to my belief that she calls me that because she finally understands the role I play in her life. I am sorry I digressed.

One major lesson I learnt while scouting for her school is how important it is for one to be independent minded. People’s opinions are going to be served to you solicited and unsolicited and you will be judged based on your choices. So, you need to have a really thick skin to be able to stand by whatever decision you finally make. I was discussing fees with my husband on the phone when a woman I just met a few minutes before that sounded off on my ‘private’ phone conversation . She had some really strong opinions and I found it hard to keep a straight face , I wanted to ask who she was again but thank God for Jesus I wasn’t sure if I gave I the look

I also learnt how important it is for one to cut one’s cloth according to one’s material. See, how I didn’t say according to your size because you might be a really chubby person with just one yard of cloth that might not make a full length dress but will be good enough for a fitted top. Take things easy with yourself and take into consideration the sustainability of whatever decision you make. No one understands your finances like you do, don’t be so caught up in keeping up appearances that you bite more than you can swallow. Some of the schools you find around can be quite expensive but trust me when I say there are decently priced ones with equally great curriculum.

Equally important is that whatever decision you make, Try to keep in mind your child’s emotional needs. It is not enough that you can afford the tuition. You need to be able to afford the average lifestyle of the average pupil so your child is not going to be left out. Let me elaborate on this. There are schools where they organize excursions abroad and other attractions that are not necessarily pocket friendly for everyone. So after scaling the tuition fence, be sure you can afford some of these attractions as that might rub off on your child’s esteem. Before a child that ought to be an extrovert becomes introverted for fear of not sounding cool enough.

Above all, I am one of the most paranoid people around so I desire for a place where great moral values are being taught. I noticed when I walked around a particular school how courteous the kids are. There were lots of please, may I, Ma, Sir used in their sentences and I must confess I was bought on that. They also had inspirational quotes written colorfully at different corners in the school. I loved the positive vibe around the place and I loved that they taught basic Christian values.

My final decision was influenced mainly by the points I shared above. What influenced your decisions? What were the craziest things you were told? Please share.

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