Friday, May 8, 2015

Should Couples Share Social Media Accounts/Passwords

 Should couples run same social media accounts or have passwords to each other’s accounts?

Well, trick question but I am more on the negative side on this one.

Love thrives on so many things of which trust is principal. If one is in a relationship where one feels compelled to keep tabs on one’s partner at all times, then something is terribly wrong. Relationships should feel like home when one has been out in the wild for so long.

Remember those involved in marriages and relationships leading to marriages are adults, there is so much one can control. You might be engaged or married but you still have your individualities to protect whichever way. Imagine my husband logging into my account to reply to a message or to post an update. My friends might be confused. Our social media accounts reflect our different persona and so it might be confusing if two people are running an account that is customized to fit one person.

If my husband decides to give me the passwords to his accounts, it should be an initiative he takes on his own not because he feels pressured to but probably to solidify what we share by displaying transparency in his actions. Now, it will be wrong for me to follow all of his conversations or add or delete people off his page because I now have access to the account. That will be a violation of privacy.

For those that are unmarried, what happens after a break up? Would you deactivate the page or live with the horrors of stalking exes.
I know an unmarried couple who shared passwords and later broke up. Every time the girl tried to change her password, the guy recovers it through her email and maintains access to all her social media accounts. This made her so miserable because she felt at his mercy and she had to leave the accounts and open a new email thereby losing some of her old contacts.

Lesson here should be that just like everything in life, moderation needs to be applied.

Some situations might warrant sharing same accounts though but such situations are more common among the more elderly couples that are learning to move along with the growth in technology together and have probably lived long enough to share the same group of friends.

However, my two cents will be for couples to respect what they share with their significant others and to be transparent in their dealings with those outside the relationship. Deal with whatever trust issues you might have within the marriage/relationship. Keeping up a facade of perfection never solves anything.

Sharing is actually nice but allow everything take its course. There are no perfect tips to how to coordinate your lives as a couple on the cyber space. So, I’d say it is whatever rocks your boat but let moderation be your guide.

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