Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Trickery of the Small Blessing

Have you veer prayed for a blessing so huge, that even you got scared by it? Have you found yourself hoping and waiting faithfully on God for  a blessing for some time, and somehow along the line, you forgot about it because something else came along? Something smaller, something insufficient, but still a blessing in its own little way? Did you stop praying after you received your 'small' blessing? You may have fallen for the trickery of the small blessing!

Many of us pray for huge miracles, miracles that defy logic in every single way, yet we find ourselves sitting comfortable with a little blessing, and our prayer lives lacking the necessary steam! Sometimes when we make huge requests from God, He tests us with something small to start off with. For example, a person seeking a high-paying job may first get something way less than that. It may be sufficient, but definitely not on the scale of the request made. Should such a person relent in prayers, and fall for this humble beginning, then he or she has been tricked by the manifestation of a small blessing!

I have come to realize in all entirety that there is NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE for God to do. The fact that he hasn't done it yet is either because the timing is wrong, the request is not in line with what he has planned for us, or He's testing us to see how much we are willing to give for him. Many of us get blessed with what I can only call "starter packs" and we immediately forget about God! We wear pride like an outfit and yell our 'little' success off the rooftops, without giving any glory to God. We even stop paying our tithes, and start to think of many logical ways the bible cannot be true in its entirety. All for a small blessing! No wonder God tests us! This is not to say we should not be thankful for our small blessings! Gratitude is a sure way of getting more blessings from God! But we must not relent in our relationship with God!

Dear friends, DO NOT RELENT in your prayers, in your gifts to God, and in your tithes! Do not relent simply because a small blessing has come your way. That small manifestation you are seeing now is just a preview of what God can do, and believe me when I say it is not a precise preview. That big miracle that defies all logic which you asked for can happen, because God can do it. The problem is so many of us are caught up in our small blessings, we stop praying for the big ones. We think what we see now is what God is limited to. Well it's not. God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask for or imagine! But to receive our big blessings, we must not fall for the trickery of the small blessings! XOXO

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