Thursday, May 21, 2015

How To Avoid Raising Monsters

Being a parent is so much deeper than some of us allow ourselves to see. When we complain about how decayed our society is, do we allow ourselves see that the large society is made up of small units of families. Our small unit has a role to play in the larger society and when we don’t get it right within this small unit, the society feels the brunt of our lapses. I am not ignoring the fact that some people are damaged regardless of the upbringing they have but the majority of us are a product of our foundation-the family. When things go wrong within this unit, the problem becomes that of the larger society.
The mandate on parents goes further than providing for their children’s material needs, parents are also saddled with raising kids that will not become societal menaces.

My heart bled when I read a story about how five children killed and buried another child. All I could think of is where did their parents go wrong? How could those children conceive such thoughts and act so savagely? My heart broke even more because that wasn’t the first I have read of such stories. It just says a lot about how fast our society is decaying. I have witnessed how kids taunt themselves and make life miserable for one another. I remembered being in tears while I watched a programme about children’s brutality where kids bullied and pulled another child’s hair till her scalp fell off. The damage done was so bad that the child affected needed major surgery.

Who are those raising these little monsters? It is so disheartening that these ones that are supposed to be the hope of an already diseased world might even be worse than those before them.

The present society imposes lots of responsibility on the individual that it is almost hard to find a balance between family and work. We shamelessly chase after material success, wanting to drive the latest cars and live in the fanciest houses. We leave these kids to be raised by violent video games and movies. We totally forget real wealth lies in the legacy of goodwill we live behind, the true leaders we are able to raise. We neglect our primary call to be examples to this young ones we have birthed.

This is to remind us all what our role is about.
Train up a child in the way he should go so when he grows old , he will not depart from it.We are here to show these kids the way, to set them straight when they get out of control. To teach them to be sensitive to the plight of the less fortunate. We are here to remind them to keep the world warm by their acts of kindness. We are here to make them understand we are all members of a big family and no one is better than the other. We are here to teach them love is the greatest gift of all and that without love, the world would only get colder.

Teach your child the word of God, help him understand the world through God’s words. Teach him to have the fear of the Lord.
I know the situation can still be redeemed. I read of this 5 yr old boy that made his mum buy food for a homeless man and said grace with him. This story gives me hope that all is not totally lost.

We can have a beautiful world if we start by setting things right within our small units and little corners. Be more involved in your child's life.
If you have a particularly troublesome child, commit him or her into God’s hands and I believe such child will be saved.

Have a blessed day.

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