Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Your Most Valuable Relationship is not what You Think!

Relationships are part of our lives; there is hardy anyone in existence who does not have a relationship they value. We value our relationships with family, friends, and perhaps colleagues and for some of us these relationships are the most important to us. As humans, it is only normal that we look forward to interactions with other humans. However, I have come to realize that these relationships are not the most valuable, or better put, they are not the relationships we ought to value the most.

I have spent so much time pondering about the issue of 'self'- being aware and tolerant of one's self, being a critic of one's self, and being a cheerleader of one's self, and I have come to the conclusion that our relationships with ourselves are actually more important than any other relationship tie we may have with another human being. Many might ask how it is possible that we have relationships with ourselves. It is actually the first relationship we build as we enter our years of self-realization and attempt to build our self-esteem.

Having a relationship with yourself means nurturing yourself as you would nurture a spouse, a friend or a family member. It means looking out for yourself as you would look out for others and satisfying yourself as you would try to satisfy others. It is a great feeling of self-care and self-nurture that promotes a healthy self-esteem. Many of us are in the habit of abandoning ourselves for the sake of others, and we often end up burned out and frustrated. Some people are even too scared to be in a room by themselves and not mind it so much. They shun their inner voices and ignore their instincts. They do not try to understand themselves, hence they are often merged in the selves of others, constantly changing to suit whoever they are with, like a chameleon changes colour to suit its environment.

It is time to build that nurturing relationship with yourself. It is probably the best step you will ever take- to look after yourself, pamper yourself and shower yourself with love as you do your partner, family and friends. It will cause you to exude beauty, and will attract love towards you. Your most valuable relationship is the one you build with yourself. It will never wear out and it will keep you going where service to others is concerned. XOXO

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  1. I agree that we need to value ourselves but is there a line we need to draw in order not to be selfish or self absorbed? My fear is people can hide under the mask of "valuing self" but in reality are just self absorbed.


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