Thursday, May 14, 2015

Can A Man Love His Wife Too Much?

I was going through one of the popular blogs when a male colleague of mine who is also a friend bent over my left shoulder from behind to catch a full glimpse of my computer screen. I was reading an open letter a husband wrote to his wife and I was taken by its sentimental nature. The author of the letter shared details of how great his life has been since marrying his wife. My friend joined me in reading and got really irritated in the course of reading it that he hissed loudly and spat out that the man is such a sissy for loving his wife so much.

Image result for can a husband love his wife too muchHis statement caught me totally off guard. I wasn’t prepared for his lack of understanding of the depth of love that should exist between a man and his wife.

Is it possible that a husband loves his wife too much?

I guess the society is more welcoming of a woman going on and on about her husband but even that is frowned at. We are in a society that has taught us to mask our feelings for fear of being called weak. One is expected to settle at that regular non exciting place after the first years of marriage excitement fizzles out. The man’s friends probably look forward to him always making time for drinks and probably share in their gist of a new chase while the woman is expected to share her lows about the imperfection of men. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. There is such thing as being and staying in love with one person.

Marriage is based primarily on love and love is one ingredient that is never too much.

I remember sitting in on a wedding sermon when the part of the bible that says a man should love his wife even as Christ loved the church that He gave himself for the church, was read out. The pastor tried to explain just how deep that love runs but he couldn't quite exhaust it. I believe the depth of such love is simply inexhaustible. 

Our expression of love differs. Some of us are very loud and showy about it while others prefer to keep it private. However way, that special person in one’s life deserves to know just how deeply one cares and love is never too much between a man and his wife. Love shouldn’t be weighed on a societal scale.Love as your heart leads you. Say it as much as you show it. There is freedom and happiness in expression of love.

If a man doesn’t love his wife deeply and unapologetically , who will?

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