Saturday, July 25, 2015

Abortions and the Big Question Mark

Whenever we hear the word 'abortion' as Christians, we are quick to write it off and judge whoever has engaged in it. Surprisingly for me, I discovered through a friend who's a medical doctor that abortions are not limited to unmarried women only. Many married women have abortions when they feel they've had enough children or are simply unwilling to deal with any child at the time. That's a topic for another day.

I have wondered in recent times if there is any justification for abortion. What happens if a woman is gang raped and she ends up pregnant? Will we encourage her to have the child and be constantly reminded of the psychological trauma? What happens if a woman find out that the father of her child is actually married, and wants nothing to do with the child? Can we really tell her it's OK to have that child and be reminded every single day of emotional heartache? What happens if the doctors suggest a medical abortion because the fetus is ill-developed and will die within a few days after birth? Where exactly can we draw the line between abortion being right or wrong?
Abortion has a very big question mark attached to it, and unfortunately, I cannot provide the answers. I've met many women who related such heart-wrenching stories, I could not tell them they had no right to abort their fetus. At the same time, I was torn by the fact that aborting a child is like robbing an innocent baby of a life ahead, robbing a child of the different possibilities that await, and in some cases, I felt it was a show of no confidence in God's ability to heal and make everything work out for good. To have an abortion means to steal a world of opportunities from an innocent life. However, at the same time, it may mean protecting an unborn child from a world of suffering. How does one know when it is right to abort?

I will say here that it is not OK to abort a child simply because you carelessly had sex and you or the man are not ready. No one is ever ready for the changes a child brings. Even people who think they are start to say otherwise once the baby arrives. It is not OK to abort children simply because you've had enough. There is a reason birth control pills and injections are available. If you know you cannot afford any more children, consult your gynecologist and decide on the best birth control technique to use. The reason many women fall into the trap of choosing abortions is because they have been led to believe birth controls are wrong. I beg to differ. Birth controls are available to help you plan your family. If your income bracket limits you to three children who you can provide the best to, get some contraceptive treatment to prevent an additional three instead of opting to abort them.

In the case of women who are facing more dire situations like pregnancy as a result of rape, my advice is that you find a support group. Abortion should not be the very first option you consider. Try to find people who can support and counsel you through the journey before you make a choice. For mothers who have to abort as a result of medical situations, I really cannot give any advice. It is difficult for anyone to have to make such a decision, especially when you do want children. Please get as much counselling as you can, and believe that God knows and understands.

Do share your thoughts. XOXO

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