Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ladies, You Don't Need A Rich Man Or A Man With Potentials.

I had a chat with a friend of mine recently and we shared a laugh over women that try to analyse a man’s purse from the first date. We all know that could be a wrong analysis, seeing as people set out to impress on first dates but many women are guilty of this.

We try to keep our cool and take things as they come but our analytical minds always take over. We find ourselves taking in every information from the first time we meet a potential suitor and project same into our future to see if such man fits into our big picture.

Have you ever caught yourself saying a prayer to God about needing a partner that is ‘rich’, and then you catch yourself midair and probably mutter to God to forgive your secular mind?
Come-on, don’t be like that. God doesn’t detest wealth.

Really though, who are we fooling.Money is an important factor in a relationship. 
If I were to check by a show of hands, I will discover that there are not many people that are interested in taking long stressful walks with their partners especially when the road looks endless. Meaning that a man, who is likely going to be, taken seriously by a woman has to either be rich or on his way to making something out of his life (otherwise referred to as a man with potentials).

You however need to be careful when making life changing decisions. Money is good but when in the wrong hands, it can fast become history. Meaning that you need to look past the cars, nice apartments and expensive gifts that a man gives you. You need to look at the man behind all that. What does he do? How hardworking is he?  What are his plans for the future? Is he motivated towards greatness? What are his core values?

I have seen really rich people become broke for one reason or the other but the possibility of them bouncing back is always totally dependent on their character.
If your focus is on all the flashy things, you might miss the signs that point to his success not being sustainable. Trust me there are lazy rich men and the signs are always there to see.

A man with potentials on the other hand might be a good partner if his potentials are well defined. You can’t compare a brilliant doctor that is still in school to an unemployed graduate that has loads of dreams and ideas but spends the bulk of his time playing video games. With one, finances would get better after some time, with the other you are not sure when things will get better since he never tries. 

All in all, a rich man is not who you need, what matters is the character of whoever you are with or getting with. Who you need is a confident, hardworking and focused man.

You don't need a rich man or a man with potentials, who you need is the man with the right attitude. The kind of attitude needed to weather whatever storm.

While you are on this hunt, I hope you know it goes two ways. A smart hardworking man wants a woman that can motivate him to be better. You will need more than your body to be that woman. What will you be bringing to the table? Work on your attitude and life too.
Remember Iron sharpens iron.


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