Saturday, July 25, 2015

What You Should Know About Waiting Till Your Wedding Night!

After every wedding, it is expected that there should be a honeymoon- not just a trip somewhere exotic but an actual taste of sexual honey that you've abstained from all through your relationship. There are many people these days who do not wait till the wedding night.

Many are eager to find out if they are sexually compatible with their spouse before they commit Afterall, marriage shall not survive by good works alone, but also by the satisfaction of sexual urges. For those who choose to wait till the wedding night (which I strongly advise), here are a few things you must know:
  • The fact that you have decided to wait till your wedding night does not mean you shouldn't lust for one another. Many people are so frigid, they consider lusting for their spouse a sin. Hello! lust is part of marriage! If you do not feel any lust or any urge to cross the lines of temptation, you may want to reconsider getting married. I am not saying you should actually cross the line, but it is very important that you feel like you want to. Friendship is all well and good; but if you have friendship without lust in a marriage, it will not survive... just like lust without friendship won't sustain your marriage.
  • Don't guilt-trip yourself: Many women and even pious men struggle with the thought of having sex. It seems dirty; nonreligious and just downright unholy. Don't fall into that trap. Having sex is a necessity for a healthy outlook on life and yourself as an individual. If your future spouse does not even want to discuss it before you are married, the chances of you enjoying sex after marriage are very slim. You might want to reconsider. 
  • Don't expect too much from your wedding night. You might end up not having any sex at all that night! Don't be surprised. I've heard of couples who slept all through the night because they were completely exhausted. So if you're thinking the wedding night will be the day the cherry pops, don't get angry if you end up disappointed. 
  • Be mentally prepared for surprises: You and your partner might need some time to learn about each other's bodies, so sex probably won't be great from day one. You might need some time to adjust to your different rhythms, and movements so don't burst into tears if he moves like a race car even though you prefer the speed of a wheelbarrow. Both of you will learn within a couple of weeks. It is not that difficult!
  • Talk about it a lot beforehand: There's no better way to work yourself up than talking about sex you can't have, but hey! anticipation is a good thing. But even better than that is the fact that talking about it gives you an insight into your partner's abilities and experiences. You can tell your partner what you like, what you don't, so the first night, there is some kind of understanding about what to do and what not to do. 
  • Don't stress over it. Having sex is a normal body function like swallowing is. Besides learning which zones to arouse, the rest of it is pretty much standard information that comes naturally. Don't overthink it, don't stress over it, and please by all means, don't get scared because of it. Don't laugh. Some people actually get scared. 
  • Make sure 'it' works. Ladies I'm sure you all know what 'it' is!Some people hide behind waiting till the wedding night to hide physical faults that can be medically corrected. Check 'it' works. I mean once in a while when he's with you, you should see 'it' rise to the occasion, and sometimes you should be able to feel it when he hugs you. 
These are some of my tips. Married couples who have waited till the wedding night, do share your experiences


  1. What a lovely write up, I especially liked the part about not expecting surprises on the wedding night.
    I have a problem and would appreciate your advice on it as it may save my marriage. Do you have an email? Thank you and stay blessed.

    1. Hi there! You can reach me on

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