Monday, July 13, 2015

Labels Are For Cans Not People.

Opinions are cool. I mean what would our world be like if we had uniform ones. Imagine if our thoughts were aligned towards same directions, what a boring world it would be. We’ll probably all use same phones, our favorite color will be the same, probably blue. I need to stop now, it’s unimaginable.

As different as our opinions are, we still fall prey to certain stereotypical thoughts like ‘all men cheat’, ‘all women are dramatic’ and some Christians even think all gays are terrible people, there are so many more but this page wouldn't let me. It’s kind of hard not to put labels on people but it is the wrong way to go. In my growing years, I would have told a tattooed friend coming to visit me at home, to come covered up so as to avoid drama from my folks. All these stereotyped thoughts hinder our progress as a people.

I love the way the new Coca-Cola advert dealt with the issue. Six men from different walks of life were brought together in a dark room to share bits about their lives and they couldn’t believe their eyes when the lights were turned on. 

Were it not for the dark room, they might have misjudged each person’s personality based on outward appearance.

I attended a conservative church once and I remember that any member that was not conformed to certain type of dressing was alienated . There are times we pass mean comments about effeminate males, tattooed people, calling them names without even knowing or understanding their backgrounds or who they really are.

Nobody deserves to be labelled. Stop with the judging. The fact that someone's image doesn't fit the one you have in your head doesn't make such person a bad person or less human.

Love and Let Love Lead You. There is so much we can do and change with a life of love.

God Bless.

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