Friday, July 31, 2015

How Not To RUIN Your Marriage (1)

All things in our lives don’t enjoy same priority but you’d agree with me that our love live is one of those things that should top our list of important things. So it is alright to say when all is not well in one's love life, there is a valid reason to be bothered.
We face different challenges in our love lives but one issue that is common to a number of us is how to stay desirable and keep the flame burning.  If you use google right now typing those key words, you’ll be bombarded with millions of materials and articles. Going through most of the tips from different relationship experts and borrowing from my little experience, I'd share with you several points as the days go by but today we would be seeing how letting ourselves go could be a major problem.
You have heard it so many times but you need to be reminded again never to let yourself go. There are many aspects to this but my emphasis will be on the physical part.
 This particular point is almost inexhaustible but I will try to keep it short and precise.
Before I delve into details,  bear in mind that there is a physical aspect to relationships and that it was probably the primary motivation before all other things were considered.

Now to the point, see there is that process of demystification that occurs in most marriages. That period when you realize there are no more points to lose or to be won so you let your guards down. This could be ‘justified’ considering you have taken the vow to be together forever, but with the many cases of affairs recorded maybe you need to pay more attention inwards.  
Humans generally, especially men, have been known to be stimulated by what they see. We all have images in our head that stimulates our senses so the problem might arise when somethings start messing with that image we have created in our heads. Most of are guilty from becoming overly relaxed in the presence of your spouse. (Being relaxed is good by the way, you just don’t want it to be overplayed).
Image result for STAYing desirable marriageYou might want to consider just how far the perfume you used to wear or how your firm arms stimulated her senses or how he adored your well-manicured nails that you have stopped taking care of, forgetting he fell for your total package and not just your good sense of humor.

 All I am saying is we still need to put in some work into maintaining the steam, don’t allow your weight pile up with no care in the world. I know taking care of the children can be exhausting but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing a decent hairstyle.
Stop pooping with the door opened or leaving used sanitary pads where your partners can easily see.

Like I said earlier, I could go on and on but then the point might be lost. Just bear in mind that all parts of a relationship are important. 
  • So Stay sexy,
  • practice good hygiene,
  • reduce the gross things you do (for instance my dad has never farted in my presence, I wonder how he does it though but you know it goes to show some things are attainable ).                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Nobody is saying you should become stuck up in your own home, Balance is the key thing here.

Getting married is not the end, staying happy is the goal.
Stay blessed.


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