Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Five Simple and Surprising Ways to Get Over a Breakup!

Breakups are hard, but sometimes the drama associated with them is overrated. Many people get caught in a personal fable after a breakup and simply refuse to live again. They stay cooped up in their rooms, cry their eyes out, refuse to eat and post the most depressing updates on social media. 

I get it…breaking up feels like a part of you has been ripped out and all the dreams you’ve stacked over the months or years have been dashed by one single blow. It is sometimes hard to get over a breakup, and there are thousands of suggestions that include trying to win your man or lady back. I’m all for winning a person back if that person wants to be won over, but what happens if that person has truly moved on? Will you sink into depression forever? 

Here are five surprising, yet simple ways you can get over a breakup fast!
  • Throw a tantrum! Are you surprised? I guess so. So many magazines and articles often suggest keeping your cool, and being matured about the fact that someone virtually ripped your heart out of your chest. I don’t buy into that. Ever noticed children after they throw tantrums? They fall into a deep restful sleep! Throwing a tantrum is a way of expressing your anger, instead of bottling up all the emotions of inadequacy and ugliness that may be sweeping through you. Scream over the phone, shout, say exactly what you think of your ex, then make yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate and go to sleep. It will be the best sleep you’ve ever had I promise you. 
  • Go out with your friends: Sitting alone, cooped up in your room or apartment will make your mind a playground for painful memories that you do not need. The more you reiterate painful memories, the more likely you are to feel inadequate and become enveloped by insecurities. So instead, go out for breakfast with your friends and have a relaxing time. Don’t talk about your ex or refer to him/her. Deliberately avoid speaking about your ex. Discuss other things like books, the weather, fashion trends and holiday plans…. Which leads me to my next point\
  • Go on a trip: A road trip, flight trip, whatever you can think of, just do it! With your friends of course! Many people underestimate the power of a trip with friends to a resort somewhere in the woods, or a lodge by the seaside. The whole idea is to get yourself to a place with lots of clean air, healthy fresh food and spa treatments that will make you feel like you were born without bones. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive trip of the lot. Going to a resort an hour’s drive away for a weekend is just as good. The change in environment will give you a fresh perspective, and will help you accept what has happened. Of course it will still hurt, so the next point is super-important. 
  • Cry! Oh please by all means, cry if you are hurt and broken. I know many people preach the gangster way of not crying and just acting like you are not in the least bothered that you were dumped for a newer or younger model. The truth is you are. If you aren’t, you were never truly in love. Cry till your eyes tell you there are no more tears. Cry yourself out completely. Crying is therapeutic, and it is really difficult to cry with as much intensity over the same person again. In other words, crying is like sweating out toxins from your body. The more you sweat, the less toxins you have, right? The more you cry, the lesser your chance of breaking down over the same person again. 
  • Go shopping! This is my favorite part! Shopping can cure almost anything, believe me! Spoil yourself with things you normally wouldn’t buy because they are a bit high-priced. Buy anything that makes you feel good- new clothes, shoes, bags… even change your hairstyle if you want to. Simply splurge on yourself. It’s called retail therapy for a reason! It is the real deal I tell you. Some people say a shopping spree won’t change the fact that you were dumped. Well, it is not supposed to alter your reality. It is meant to help you accept your reality and pave a way for new possibilities- new sense of style, new finesse and panache, think of everything new that could make you feel good. 
These are my five simple tips! Got any? Do share! XOXO

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