Tuesday, July 14, 2015

"Mummy, Not The Pink Ones Again.."

My daughter rebuffed me after trying to force feed her. I obviously haven’t been sensitive to her sense of awareness. So much has changed about her in the recent months. She now has an opinion about almost everything, like her decisive turning of the head from side to side and dramatic mouthing of ‘no’ whenever I pick out clothes that doesn’t agree with her mood or how she gives me stern looks whenever I distract her from watching some programs (I have come to recognize are her favorites).

I had better not force her to wear a pair of socks she doesn’t find cool because nothing prepares one for the tantrums she’ld throw. Since her speech is not clear enough for me to make out all she says, Our conversations in my head go like 'Mummy, not the pink ones again' and me saying ''pink goes with the floral details in your dress honey'. I must confess it is very refreshing watching he make all these choices but I am delighted I am there to guide her not all she does is right.

Like most mums, I feel particularly proud that I am raising a child that can find her voice above what others think. I know you are saying what does a 20months old child know but I like to believe I am doing something right. I am respecting her right of choice while trying not to overindulge her (that’s story for another post).

I am hopeful she wouldn’t lose this part of her as she grows up in this society that tries to condition us to think certain way.

It is important for us all to be able to stand firm in our beliefs. We need to be able to take a stand whatever our circumstance or wherever we find ourselves. The ability to do that requires a lot of courage.

As teenagers, it meant a lot to be perceived as one of the cool kids so we find that we do things that are against what we stand for, so the need to be part of the crowd drowns our real self.

I have found out that nothing much changes even as we get older. We still measure ourselves by how popular our choices are. In some corners, the things we deeply believe in are mocked and we laugh along, scared of being labelled the ‘spiriko’(the overly spiritual one) or the weirdo. It is just less complicated when we nod our heads and agree with everything both good and bad, just silently letting ourselves go. Refusing to light the world with the fire we have inside.

So, even though we are saved, our lives are very much the same. We forget our mandate to speak out so others can partake in the light of the knowledge we now enjoy.

An older friend shared a post talking about how she struggled to share the gospel but just never felt ready. She finally decided to reach out through Facebook, posting about how beautiful her life has been since being saved.

She isn’t alone in her struggles, many of us face the same challenge. We are scared of the consequences of our actions. We wonder that we might never get the invite for nights out anymore. We are scared of turning right when everyone is headed towards the left. It is sad how much we hold ourselves back when we really should put our foot down.

There is so much happening around us that keeping quiet or silently nodding doesn’t cut it anymore. The devil is speaking out through many channels. Our minds are getting manipulated by the day. There has never been a better time to take a stand.

Speak up however way you can, you never know whose life u will save.

Live free and let love lead you.

Jesus is the way.


  1. That's so true. It even took me a lot of courage to type a comment even though my whole being was screaming "YES, THIS ARTICLE IS SO ON POINT!!!!"

  2. That's so true. It even took me a lot of courage to type a comment even though my whole being was screaming "YES, THIS ARTICLE IS SO ON POINT!!!!"


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