Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Simple Life Tips On Marriage(Lessons Learnt From Stalking An Instagram Page)

It is hard not be perceived as really weird. Imagine getting notifications on your phone around 1.00a.m. in the dead of the night, of a total stranger liking dozens of your pictures on Instagram. That weirdo could be me.

I can’t remember how I found myself on that particular page on Instagram but I was glad to be there and lost in every picture contained on the page. I can be a pessimist at times but at my best, I am a champion of love. The page is jointly run by a couple and the pictures told of their different ventures and adventures. I wondered if they just play dress up or they are always as glam as every picture told. It is easy to be envious of their ‘perfect’ life. It is almost like a fairy tale and you might be right if you say such place doesn’t exists, but pictures are such great reminders of happy times. It is delightful to freeze moments and be able to relive them by getting lost in the details of the day that was.

Before I stumbled on that Instagram page, I got notifications for a fresh post on one of the pages I follow on Facebook. A heartbroken woman told of her lonely and loveless marriage. She spoke of how the void between herself and her husband was fast becoming deep. 

According to her, there’s always so much to do and it is putting her marriage under pressure. People had so many different suggestions on how she could bring the spice back to her marriage. I felt really sorry about her situation but her situation was unlike many marriages around.

If I hadn’t gone on Instagram, perhaps this post might have been about love gone cold but the Instagram page gave me a totally different perspective. It would be wrong to assume that everyone has it bad or that all relationships are hopeless.

Looking at the Instagram couple, one could almost assume they had no worries in the world but we all know that is far from the truth. Every day comes with its own baggage. Challenges are bound to arise in relationships but maintaining a positive outlook in the midst of everything is the key to genuine happiness. Today’s couples are saddled with lots of responsibility. The economic situation almost creates no room for romance. One discovers after one wall is broken, that there is a higher one to conquer. This makes us relegate romance to the backseat. There is no time to sit and appreciate what we have achieved as a team or appreciate the little things that used to matter. We take for granted an ever listening ear and the moments of excitement shared at every new milestone.

I am sure now that the Instagram couple might not always have ‘Christmasy’ days as their page might like us to believe, but I could see they have mastered the art of savoring every moment and freezing it in still beautiful pictorial moments.

We all need to pause in our happy moments to enjoy them more. Those moments are always muddled with our everyday challenges like roses in the midst of thorns. It is the knowing that your spouse’s ears are ever at your table. It is the feeling of familiar hands rubbing your tired feet. It is the holding of hands to pray just before bedtime.

In those little moments, our bonds are strengthened.

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