Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Beware of the devil's candidate!

Finding a spouse in this 21st century is probably the biggest challenge many youths will have to face.

Like job hunting and other economic challenges are not big enough, one has to add the pressure of seeking a spouse, and not just any spouse, the right spouse! Very often, I speak to my colleagues about their efforts to find a spouse. As a matter of fact, I speak to them about it more than I’d like because I have decided to become more active in the dating scene, and it seems I tend to look where all the weirdos converge. Besides the generic advice of ‘putting oneself out there’ (which by the way is just an inch short of asking ladies to hold a sign post that says ‘I want a boyfriend by the roadside), prayer has always been on the list of strategies explored.

I believe in prayer absolutely. As a matter of fact, I cannot go a day without uttering at least a sentence of prayer. I have however come to learn that prayer does not take away our tests. And when it comes to seeking a spouse, many of us are like Job in the bible- subjected to tests and trials by the devil’s tactics.

I always say “when a man or a woman starts praying for a partner, the devil starts to sponsor his own candidates too”. The big question of course is how to identify the devil’s candidate.

The devil’s candidate is very good at masking his/her true identity; He/she often comes as a suave, gentle and loving individual who sweeps you off your feet in a whirlwind romance and gradually cuts you off from the outside world. Such individuals are peddlers of lies and tend to have the worst things to say about those in their past- they do this to obtain your pity and get you to want to care for them and look after them. They do not accept blame for any past relationship that fell apart, and even though they might have made their former partners do despicable things, they somehow find a way to defend their actions. The devil’s candidates blaspheme against God in well-covered ways that suggest they are being logical and not blasphemous.

The devil’s candidates are the ones who expect you to give up yourself completely for them, and let them take over your every dream and aspiration. The devil’s candidates come across as people who want to improve every bit of you, when really, all they are doing is chipping away at your God-given talents bit by bit. The devil's candidate may not be physically abusive but he/she would make you question your self-worth if you don't live by their set standards. The devil’s candidate tries to condition your mind in such a way that you start to become lackadaisical about important aspects of your life. The devil’s candidate takes you on a guilt trip when you try to assert yourself on certain issues and in the end, the devil’s candidate is not ready to commit!

Marriage is God’s sacred institution, designed to celebrate the beginning of creation and the joining together of man and woman as partners in the world. Marriage is the foundation of multiplication of men on earth, and a sacred covenant between God and two people who genuinely love God, and respect his word. This explains why the devil attacks marriage. He attacks the foundation of God’s plan for the world, and in the process destroys many aspirations, visions and dreams that could make the world a better place. Just like having lazy team mates can hamper your success at work, a wrong partner can truncate your destiny and cause you to lose sight of God’s plans for you.

Many of us fall into the hands of the devil’s candidate because in spite of our prayers, we respond to our flesh too. We shut down the spirit of discernment and eagerly go with the flow. When you pray for a spouse, pray for the spirit of discernment too! You cannot stop the devil from sponsoring his candidates, but you can smell them from a mile away if you have discernment.

Have you had an experience with the devil's candidate? Do share! XOXO

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