Thursday, August 22, 2013

5 Ways To Teach your Kids to be Inspirational Leaders

We all pray for our children to be "The head not the tail"... Here's how: 

1. Purpose 
Inspiring leaders believe that success serves a higher purpose. When you ask what motivates them, they talk about making other people successful.

Uninspiring leaders believe that success is their higher purpose. When you ask what motivates them, they talk about what makes them personally satisfied. In the case of children we should help them see how the end justifies the means parents should help their children see that they don’t want them to be successful or well behaved because they will be a disgrace to the family if they are not. On the contrary, we need to tell them that by being responsible they benefit of society at large and help build successful families when they grow up.

2. Giving Back 
Inspiring leaders feel an obligation to "give back." Their long-term plans usually include pro bono work or even endowing a charity. Uninspiring leaders feel no such obligation. Their long-term plans are limited to cashing in and/or buying physical objects. Grown ups and people will always be motivated my personal gain but while kids are young we have to shift their focus to others and help them see the importance of being kind, considerate and making sacrifices for others. Exposing children to voluntary work at an orphanage or some other place helps them understand the value of giving back.

3. Gratitude 
Inspiring leaders are deeply grateful. They know that their success is hugely dependent upon accidents of birth and circumstance. Uninspiring leaders are self-satisfied. They secretly believe their success is a natural result of being smarter and better than everyone else.

I advise that gratitude be inculcated in every aspect of our lives, from thanking people who open doors for us to thanking God at the beginning of our prayers. Lets teach our children to have an attitude of gratitude.

4. Beliefs & Values 
This is where “Taking a Stand for Life” comes into play. I have met people who I just knew were “different” when they told me they were pastors or Christians I was like “ No wonder” Children should be encouraged to take pride in their beliefs and not always do everything to “fit in” which often leads to disappearing into the crowd.

Inspiring leaders treasure their beliefs. They don't wear their values on their sleeves, but their deeply held convictions pervade everything they say and do.

5. Empathy 
If your son or daughter is go at a particular subject she should be encouraged to teach her younger ones or friends who are not so good. Sharing knowledge and good study habits instead of just gloating at their friends not-so-high scores  Tell them that pulling someone down will never help them reach the top. Inspiring leaders care about people. They agree with Bill Gates when he says that  that the fortunate few have an obligation to help those who are less fortunate.

 By Ijeoma Olujekun


  1. This site has been very insightful, inspiring and as well very educative in terms ofpractical christian living and family life. I certainly can't overemphasize how it has blessed me and my family and also do share with friends too. Keep up the Good work and the Lord will continue to strengthen the whole team in Jesus mighty name. God will meet you and also sort and fix every imperfections in evry areas you're looking up to him for in Jesus name amen. God bless you more! Amen

  2. ^^^Thank you so much for that comment. I am very glad that Covenant Relationships has been such a blessing to you and your family. On Behalf of myself and the entire team. God Bless you and your family also. Amen!!


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