Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Who Is Having the Greatest Sex?

In this sexually charged culture where sex is promoted in the most blatant of manners and sexual innuendos are never far from our screens, one might think that everyone is enjoying mind blowing sex.

I've heard so many people say "how can you discourage premarital sex?" "How will I know how compatible we are? Infact I came across the funniest question just yesterday where a guy asked “Is No Sex Before Marriage A Possibility With The Present Economic Hardship in Our Country?"

It appears that people believe you have to "test drive" your potential spouse in order to ascertain your level of sexual compatibility before saying "I do" they further assert that practice makes perfect. If this is true, why would God put us in such a fix?

In an article titled "Sex Without Marriage Often Ruins People's Health and Wellbeing," physician John R. Diggs Jr. outlined the specific and often devastating consequences of unmarried sex, including promiscuity, abortion, unstable family life, displacement of men, and exposure of women and children to high risks.

Clearly, sex outside of marriage is not "practice" without potential pitfalls. Perhaps that's why research proves that married people are having the best sex. An article titled "Aha! Call It the Revenge of the Church Ladies" published in USA Today concluded that Christian women (and the men who sleep with them, a.k.a their husbands) are among the most sexually satisfied people on the planet.

This is a neutral, non-Christian magazine, saying that Christian, married couples are having the best sex. Why? Because sexual enjoyment flourishes in the context of a committed relationship. Why? Because that is what it was designed for? In contrast, the notion that you need to practice is false because it only gives you more people to measure your future spouse against. The end result is baggage and baggage is never cute.

It's not simply a question of waiting for great sex; abstinence presents the opportunity to build resilience. There will always be temptation even after marriage but if you can say "No" to your fiancĂ© or fiancĂ©e who you are head over heels in love with before the wedding day, it will be much easier to resist outward temptation after the marriage.

God Knows we want to be loved, he knows we need affection and he will reward us for honouring him

I had sex before I was married. Was it wrong? Yes. Was it against God's plan? Yes. Has it ruined my marriage? No.Would I go back and do things differently if I had the chance? OH YES!!!

No one is claiming that couples that do not wait are doomed to terrible sex lives. But all of the research (from both secular and Christian researchers) highlights that the best way to preserve the gift of sex is to save it for a "committed, monogamous relationship" a.k.a marriage.

“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." Isaiah 55:9

By Ijeoma Olujekun

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