Wednesday, August 7, 2013

POEM: In The Mind Of An Atheist


I live free and wild
like the penguins,
my existence I owe to none,
who is he that calls himself the father of all?

I'm here due to nature's call,
I call the shots in my own world,
I make no excuse for my unbelief
Yes, you can call me self-possessed.

My heart ticks like a clock,
I live every moment to its fullest
Death will end it all for me
And I'll prove to this foolish people there is no life after

But hold on, there is this well of emptiness,
It seems like a ditch with no ending,
Yes, I call the shots in my own world,
Yet some truths my mind still grapples with.

Could this world truly be an accident?
The stars, the skies, the galaxies, the milky way,
The fiona, the fauna, the waters, and all the 'spheres'?

I am too sophisticated, am I a mixture of some substance?
What matters can mix to form the medulla?
What substance will mix to create the unseen mind?

In my pride I say there is no God,
Yes, but yes, I do not understand,
But of a truth, one thing I secretly hold
Is that a supreme being placed us here,
If he be God, I do not know,

But from my mouth you would not hear
That God exists - it's just a farce,
if he does, help me know him
If he truly does, help me know
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