Thursday, August 22, 2013

Would YOU let your man pack your suitcases for your holiday?

The Daily Mail asked three husbands to to pack for their wives for a week long vacation in the sun Then asked the ladies to critique their efforts. One husband included a scarecrow's hat and a ballgown. Another left out suncream and underwear

One lady said that for their week in the sun, he had packed for himself: one pair of swimming trunks, three T-shirts, five work shirts and a solitary pair of boxer shorts. That was it. No smart shoes, no change of underwear, no soap or shampoo, toothbrush or book, hat or sun cream, no trousers, no shorts, no sweater (guess he assumed it would be hot but still...). 

"I’m not sure what he plans to team with the luxurious array of work shirts for the romantic dinners we’ll When I challenge him, he explains that he’ll be wearing shorts to the airport, which will, apparently, cover him for all further eventualities.

Her husband, Phil responds   

"Opening Anna’s wardrobe is like stepping inside an episode of ‘Most Deranged Hoarders’. There’s a mountain of stuff jammed in there, and more items crammed in bags on the floor.
I am ten minutes into packing our cases when I realise that some of the stuff I included was actually intended to be to be given to charity. Men wear clothes to a) cover themselves, and b) stay warm. Women use clothes to trick people and conceal lumps and bumps, and various items can be combined to multiply this effect. I have no idea how this is done, or what’s necessary. It’s like looking at a new alphabet and not being able to form any words.

I’m glad it’s the last time I will ever do this. It was as annoying and bewildering to me as it would be for Anna if I asked her to name her top Ashes side. "

I can so relate with this situation, if I pack for my husband he will be totally satisfied and there will just be a lot of  “Dear where is my this, where is my that for the first few days?” then I will tell him exactly where to look but if he packs…I don’t even let him. Typically I would pick out the clothes I want to wear and set them out so he can fold ( His folding is worthy of Selfridges’) then put them in the suitcase. after that it’s all left to me. I've let him pack once though and it was torturous having to explain why I needed a straightening iron

I guess it all just goes to show that we are really wired differently. I think it is safe to say that when it comes to packing, Women, think of everything. Men take what they need. Women take what they might need.
Perhaps the men know what they are doing - if they get it wrong they will never be asked to do it again. Maybe that's their logic. But don't take it from me, what do you think?Can hubby be trusted to  do your packing?

By Ijeoma Olujekun

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