Friday, August 2, 2013


Nothing gladdens a prisoner's heart
Like the sight of a home
He never thought he'ld miss
Till he got locked in a place
Where welcome is not a desired word

Nothing will gladden the heart of an expectant mother
Like the day that little head pops out
And a life cries lively out
Being able to hold her child
Sealing off a covenant ever unbroken

Nothing gladdens a foreigner's heart like the travel back home
The feel of familiar grounds under his feet
The beauty of a culture he is part of
A joke on his skin colour by someone he calls brother

What gladdens a painter's heart
Like the harmonization of different pencil lines
The birth of a theme that used to be buried within
Being appreciated by someone dear to his heart

Nothing gladdens my heart
Like bread when i am hungry
Love from those I look up to
Staying home with those I love
Being able to keep the commandments of the God I love.

N.B: I will love to know what moments lift/will lift your spirit the most. please use the comment box.

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